Leader of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon David Cameron MP:

“A successful policy towards Iran cannot be achieved by either Europe or America acting in isolation. So if Iran refuses to negotiate, European countries must agree tough sanctions.” CFI Business Lunch, 18th June 2009

Shadow Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague MP:

“Let us look ahead on this matter. Given the failure in the past to agree meaningful European sanctions with real bite on Iran on the issue of its nuclear programme—that has been illustrated by the fact that oil and gas sanctions announced by the Prime Minister 18 months ago were never implemented—is it not vital to start work across the European Union during the rest of this year on the serious economic penalties that ought to follow if Iran does not enter into negotiations on its nuclear programme by the end of the year?” Foreign and Commonwealth Office oral questions, 30th June 2009

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox MP:

“Any of you who have been to Gaza will recognise that Hamas is not the government of Gaza – it is the foreign policy arm of Tehran. It is being used there as a proxy in case it has to hit back at Israel for any action that Israel may take in light of Iran’s nuclear programme.
There are Fajr II missiles being dismantled, taken through the tunnel and being reassembled by Hamas – able to hit Tel Aviv, able to hit Ben Gurion airport and, very openly, many of them will say, if Israel tries to do anything against our nuclear programme, we will use Hamas, we will use these weapons to strike into the heart of Israel itself.
“Everybody in the West needs to understand that we have a limited amount of time within which to make a difference to this particular situation. Time is not on our side, we have a regime which is hard-line, which is suppressing its own people, which is preparing its various responses, which is thumbing its nose at the international community, which is trying to build a second nuclear facility, and only because it was found out did it actually confess to – what else is going on inside Iran that we do not know about?” CFI Event at the Conservative Party Conference, 6th October 2009

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