Conservatives Friends of Zio=Nazi regime

The Zionist regime pouring millions in to David Camrons party, if the conservative party win the Zionist will get their way in parliment for more proof search for Conservative Friends of Israel on the net
Did you know 50% of the shadow cabinet is a friend of the Zio=Nazi regime of ‘Israel’? Lib Dems or even Labour are a better choice please consider this before you VOTE.

Leader of the Conservative Party, Rt Hon David Cameron MP:

“If I become Prime Minister, Israel has a friend who will never turn his back on her…I passionately believe in the right of Israel to exist, to defend itself and to live in peace and security.” CFI Annual Business Lunch, 18th June 2009 

Party Chairman, Eric Pickles MP:

 “Being a Conservative is to believe in certain values, of freedom of democracy of the rule of law, higher than anything else. Israel’s not perfect but I think Israel embodies those freedoms, democracy and the rule of law…” Conservative Party Conference, 6th October 2009

Shadow Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon William Hague MP:  

“The unbroken thread of Conservative Party support for Israel that has run for nearly a century from the Balfour Declaration to the present day will continue. Although it will no doubt often be tested in the years ahead, it will remain constant, unbroken, and undiminished by the passage of time.” Speech to the Balfour dinner, 3rd November 2008


Leader of the Conservative Party, Freemason David Cameron MP:*

“There are some in the West who see some sort of equivalence between Israel and Hamas. I do not. Israel is a democracy – Hamas want to create a theocracy. Israel strives to protect innocent life – Hamas target innocent life. And so there can be no doubt, and let me make clear we won’t judge Hamas just on words.  Our test is whether their actions show that they are going to end the terror, recognise Israel and accept all previous peace agreements.” CFI Annual Business Lunch, June 2009

Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox MP:

“It was evident how many people risk their lives in order to supply fuel to Gaza residents. The power supply comes from Ashkelon yet the Hamas have been shelling Ashkelon…It is both amazing and deeply distressing that a ‘movement’ in charge in Gaza – as opposed to what should be called a governing body – is more concerned with the hatred of Israel rather than the welfare of the ordinary people of Gaza. It is a futile and tragic situation for both sides.” CFI Delegation, 1 February 2009

Shadow Foreign Minister, David Lidington MP:

“The actions of Hamas in the current conflict and in the past have demonstrated that it is an organisation that is prepared to use violence in the most ruthless fashion against not only Israelis, whether military or civilian, but the Palestinian people themselves. We have to understand the sort of organisation that it is and the events that took place when it staged its coup d’état in the Gaza strip a couple of years ago.” HoC Debate.
* Cameron is Freemason and Friend of Racist Freemason Dick Atkinson of Balsall Heath ‘Forum’ Campany.

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