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ASYA ABDUL-HADI, WALTER L. HIXSON A Palestinian man checks damage caused by an overnight Israeli air strike on Gaza City, ...Read more

Israeli Apartheid: Calling It Like It Is WALTER L. HIXSON WAGING PEACE Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian for confronting Jewish ...Read more

Members of the Palestinian security forces loyal to Hamas, mask-clad due to the coronavirus pandemic, stand guard at the Rafah ...Read more

Ramallah, October 19, 2020—Wael Tahan, a 47-year-old Palestinian truck driver, built his home in 1992 on his own land in ...Read more

Limited recourse for ill-treatment in Palestinian juvenile justice systemOct 02, 2020Palestinian forces deployed near Nativity Square in the occupied West ...Read more

November 11, 2020, Ramallah—“What did these children do wrong to die in such a horrible way?,” asked 15-year-old Aseel M. ...Read more

Posted by: John Phoenix Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Israeli forces committed grave violations against Palestinian children in the occupied West ...Read more

'Israeli' authorities imprison Palestinian child with rare autoimmune disease without charge Ramallah, January 28, 2021—Israeli authorities issued a six-month administrative ...Read more

'Israeli' interrogator sexually assaults Palestinian child detainee Ramallah, February 10, 2021—An Israeli interrogator allegedly physically and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old ...Read more

Young Palestinian boys detained by Israeli forces: “We were terrified” Mar 05, 2021Mohammad Salahadin, 8, (front) and Owais Salahadin, 10, ...Read more

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