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Israel’s legislature now home to racist Kahanist, Itamar Ben-Gvir KATHRYN SHIHADAH  A February 2020 campaign poster for far-right Kahane party ...Read more

Pro-Israel students pressure Butler U to cancel an event featuring Angela Davis [email protected]   Angela Y. Davis Students at Butler University ...Read more

Israel rearrests Palestinian Magd Barbar celebrating release after 20 years in prison (with VIDEO) [email protected] Magd Barbar, a Palestinian prisoner ...Read more

[email protected] US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, a national network of activists and organizations that work to end U.S. complicity in ...Read more

[email protected] Garden of Gethsemane, East Jerusalem, occupied Palestine. This is one of the oldest olive trees in the garden (olive ...Read more

[email protected] Reform Jewish leader Rick Jacobs speaking to JVP members at the Presbyterian Convention in 2014. (Photo @lizaveta9/twitter) ( For supporting ...Read more

The Washington Post Redacted Facts About Israel’s Destruction of COVID-19 Clinics [email protected]  The Washington Post doesn’t want us to know ...Read more

How was your week? Seven days of Israel human rights violations [email protected]   Israel’s human rights violations against Palestinians continue unabated. ...Read more

Dancing While Palestinian can land you in prison. (Pictured: Ata Khattab in action – before his arrest) Dancing while Palestinian ...Read more

Sir Alan Duncan blasts pro-Israel lobby over ‘disgusting interference’ in British politics [email protected]  Former British Minister of State for Europe ...Read more

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SHOAH – The Palestinian Holocaust‘s aim is giving voice to the millions of ordinary people around the word who want to end the ‘Zio-Nazi’ oppression, environmental destruction of Palestine. Everyone has the right to opinion and expression; this right without interference and seek, through any media and regardless of frontiers.