Egypt bans Jordanian activists from entering Gaza via Rafah  
Zionist Mu-Barak
security  on Saturday prevented the Jordanian Professional Association delegation from entering Gaza via the Rafah border crossing. 
Mu-Barak police asked the Jordanian delegation to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip through the Zionist controlled Erez crossing, an option categorically rejected by the Jordanian activists.
Smadi added that the delegation consists of 15 members of Jordanian Professional Associations headed by Dr. Ahmad Armouti, Chairman of the Professional Associations Council. He noted that the activists insist on entering Gaza via the Egyptian-controlled Rafah crossing and “will not retreat from their decision under any circumstances.”
The delegation headed to Egypt Friday evening in an effort to break the three-year Zio=Nazi siege on Gaza despite Zionist Mu-Barak regime warning that it would ban them from entering the blockaded strip via Rafah crossing.
The Professional Associations Council issued a statement Saturday charging that Mu-Barak’s banning of the Jordanian delegation from entering via Rafah “represents another episode of the Arab blockade imposed on our Palestinian people in Gaza.”
The statement condemned the Mu-Barak regime decision and called on all Arabs, and Egyptians in Particular, to exert all efforts to permanently lift the siege off Gaza.

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