Israel sets up “objective” inquiry into flotilla attack

Ynet is the online expression of the Israeli daily newspaper, Yediot Ahronoth. That’s Hebrew for “who’s the idiot?” No, it’s not really. It means “latest news”. It’s a tabloid in shape, size and style preferring “drama and human interest over sophisticated analysis”.

Having said that, even though it wasn’t me that actually said that, I had thought that since going on line, the paper did seem to be going for the analysis one associates more with Ha’aretz.

I put that down to the fact that with an international market for its English translation, Yediot Ahronoth, would have to seek a certain credibility. But I was wrong.
this report says that the chief of the Israeli army has asked a retired major-general, Giora Eiland, to head the inquiry by a panel. In fairness, the inquiry is only about “operational issues”, like presumably, did they shoot enough people quickly enough? did they move quickly enough to confiscate cameras and phones? that sort of thing but:

The move is somewhat exceptional, since the IDF is usually satisfied with internal inquests conducted by the units heading various operations.

Now that tells a tale in itself but see this:

Military sources said the purpose of the panel’s work it to provide objective conclusions by professional who were not a part of the operation and therefore cannot be affected by the results.
This objectivity, added the sources, would allow the panel to draw a wider range of conclusions, which may shed a different light on the events.

Different from the ludicrous idea that élite Israeli commandos were subjected to “a brutal ambush at sea“?

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