If Israel does not wish to be demonized..

…perhaps it should stop behaving demonically?

Jordan Valley families given 10 days to leave homes
Published Monday 07/06/2010
Tubas – Ma’an – Israeli army delivered eviction orders to five Palestinian families in two Tubas-area villages in the Jordan Valley, giving families ten days to evacuate their lands after declaring the area a “closed military zone.”
The move, described as “devastating” to the families by head of the Atuf village council Abdallah Bisharat, would see more than 50 Palestinians made homeless and deprived of their livelihoods.
“The lands the families are being evicted from have been inhabited by the farming and herding groups for many years, they are the pastoral lands from which hundreds of residents make their livings. The Israeli order to evacuate means a total destruction of the social fabric,” Bisharat said.
The move came only days after settlers established an illegal outpost in the area, following which military guards told locals that they would no longer be permitted to get drinking water from a well nearby the outpost. “We were told to get water from the other villages and collect it in tanks,” Bisharat said.
Since Sunday, patrols of Israeli forces were sighted in the villages, “breaking into people’s homes around the clock” as one resident described, and delivering notices that families must evacuate because the area is a “closed military zone.”
An Israeli military spokesman said the area had been declared a closed zone before the homes were built. Both the Civil Administration and the army said the orders were given because the homes were built without a permit and inside a fire zone.
Bisharat appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Slam Fayyad to intervene and prevent the eviction of the families.
Those targeted by the orders were identified as:
Jum’ah Kahder Fayyad Bani Audah
Iyad Mustafa Abed Ar-Razeq
Mohammad Khader Fayyad Bani Audah
Mustafa Abed Ar-Razeq Saleh
Abdallah Husein Abdallah Bisharat
According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel’s Civil Administration delivered 26 “stop work” orders to Palestinian families living in Area C, including 11 houses in Yatma village and seven residential tents in the Qawawis area of Hebron as well as others near Bethlehem.

The remaining structures included an animal shelter, a water cistern, six restrooms and an extension to a house.
Now,according to the Free Dictionary,
“Demonic” can mean “befitting a demon” — a bit tautological — or “fiendish.” the definition can also be: motivated by a spiritual force or genius; inspired.
Now, I could definitely see calling a process in which Jewish settlers settle illegally (by Israeli law, no less,) on Palestinian land, have the army come in and protect them while they steal that land and help drive out the natives, and obtain orders that those 50 Palestinians must be driven from their homes and land that sustains them, in 10 days, approved by the army, to be a fiendish endeavor.

I’d say thus that this Jewish supremacist cleansing of a Palestinian village to be correctly labeled “demonic.” I could be wrong of course, but it think the onus is on the other side to explain why such behaviour is not “demonic.”

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