Another celebration of Israeli Independence Day. In New York, the Salute to Israel Parade is enlisting gullible kids from my elementary school to celebrate ethnic cleansing and politicide, giving them, once again, no hint that Israel Independence meant Nakba to the Palestinians, an intolerable act that should be compensated in kind: return of the refugees.
In Gaza, Israeli soldiers celebrated Yom Ha’atzmaoot by tapping out some warning shots to terrify Palestinian protesters trying to assert their right to free movement within the Gaza penitentiary, keeping them well away from the devastated buffer zone that could be growing crops but instead is raw dirt littered with bits of metal, bundles of useless wire, and broken irrigation tubing, the exposed earth constantly eroding and bleeding its carbon into the atmosphere.
Israeli settlers celebrated their day of independence by uprooting olive saplings in the Qaryut village south of Nablus. They had been planted for Earth Day. Settlers destroying baby trees planted for Earth Day.
Nice. Gabriel reminds us what Arendt had to say about the establishment of this imposition by terrible force and violence in the Middle East. And tomorrow, in Bilin, Palestinian civil society says Yom Ha’atzmaoot sameach to Israel by hosting a conference analyzing the civil resistance to Zionism of which Bilin has become a symbol, enchanting the world. 62 years and Israel is getting old.

In a desperate struggle in which so much hinges on language, on discourse, on representations, the Palestinian poetics of civil resistance is far more alluring than whatever elegant euphemism Israeli apologists will supply to explain away the murder of children.
Israel knows this and fears this and is petrified of a mobilized Palestinian people with Western support that will force them to yield or to murder children. They are already scared. Today, they must be terrified. Today, they murder children. But tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, things will change. They will yield. I have no doubt that you will make them yield.

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