In recent days, Racist Zio-Freemason Dick Atkinson* sent out a letter signed by one of his dogs. This is a pack of lies and I’m not shocked but appalled that such a letter by Racist Zio-Freemason Atkinson is being used to harvest hate against people who disagree with his corrupt management. To us this is racist and unacceptable, and a sickness that should not be tolerated for long.
Racial terminology and profanity have been used by thugs like Atkinson and his dogs. We feel it is the community’s responsibility to put an end to the dirty Zio-Freemasons. Hence we ask of you to correct such wrongs before the hate consumes more people and causes more pain for some. Racism is something that the better part of our community condemns and doesn’t allow.
* Zio-Freemason Atkinson is by nature a Corrupt Freemason. Atkinson allows child abuse, sexual and indecent assault and Racism as normal practice in his company the Balsall Heath ‘FORUM’ In recent investigation with Police, Atkinson is giving £3,000.000 to local resident by the name of Shauwkat Ali Member of RESPECT PARTY to purchase a motor vehicle. For more info contact: DI 1246 Ali Economic Crime Team At 0845 113 5000 West Midland Police. All documents soon will be available at www.fightbak.org.uk

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