Britain is one of the few countries where information gleaned via phone-tapping is not admissible as evidence in a court room. That is about to change as lawmakers and the intelligence services seek ways to present audio data without compromising the methods of how the security services gathered it in the first place.
Surprisingly, many liberal and human right groups support the move, primarily because they see it as a way to speed-up trials.(4) On the other hand, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) spokesman Amar Latif claimed that the police and special Branch are demanding information on undergraduates and post graduate students who join Islamic Societies at universities around the country.
He said that Islamic Societies (ISOCS) refused to hand information over. Mr Latif also revealed some special Branches have been attending meetings with ISOC executives, a move he describes as ‘ deeply worrying’. We say: The government must recognise that treating any one section of the community with such mistrust alienates and stigmatises that community, and may damage the free flow of dialogue.(5)
We are already living in George Orwell’s 1984 surveillance society and the soon-to-be tested UK identity card is another issue.
(4) Eye Spy Volume VII No: 6, 2008-04-09 ‘ David Cameron, the Conservative leader said he supported the telephone-tapped evidence concept.
(5) Eastern Eye 3.11.2006 p.5 * See also NOVA May/June 2006 no.1 ‘ Community Spies Neighbourhood Warden instructed by Ex-Cop Pat Wing, Zio-Freemasons Dick Atkinson and Abdul Hamid of the Balsall Heath Company’FORUM’ to spy on our Community Islamic activists. You can request former Warden Statement in this regard by contacting NOVA.

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