The end of Israeli exceptionalism: Germany (Germany!) has a Mossad agent arrested

Didi Remez | June 14, 2010 | Categories: Diplomacy, Hasbara | URL: http://wp.me/pHlQV-BW

According to Maariv, Israeli officialdom is shocked that it’s “great friend” Germany actually requested that Poland arrest and extradite a Mossad agent suspected of involvement in forging its passports (full translated text at bottom):

Israel may have a problem with public opinion in Germany and with left-leaning political groups that criticize its policy, but as a whole Germany is defined by political sources as “one of Israel’s patrons in Europe.” One of the reasons is Germany’s responsibility for the Holocaust, but it is also because of strategic interests, including relations on the security and intelligence level.

Indeed, as Yediot pundit Eitan Haber notes in a column entitled “Time to sober up Israel,” even Israeli exceptionalism has its limits:

We thought we deserve everything, after the Holocaust and the six million dead. The world was silent while our grandparents were being burned? Well, the world shall pay. We deserve everything. Yet how come we didn’t realize that one of these days, the memory of the Holocaust will nearly evaporate in the world’s political corridors?

The Camera Quintet, a mythical Israeli satire group, tried to convey this message to the Israeli public years ago. Watch this skit, entitled “World Athletics Championship 1995, Stuttgart, Germany,” it’ s mostly in English:

Not many in Israel were listening then and, to use Haber’s analogy, the resulting hangover is painful.
See: www.coteret.com

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