June 22nd 5.00pm-6.00pm

Government Office for the West Midlands

5 St Philips Place (Cathedral Gardens)

Birmingham City Centre

New School Buildings – No way

 “Schools for the Future”

 Rebuilding Programme Stopped

Better Health – No way

 Wards closed –

Doctors and Nurses not replaced

Better Public Transport – No way

Midland Metro Extensions  Cancelled

Make the rich and the bankers pay for their crisis

Organized by Birmingham Peoples Charter with support of

Birmingham Trades Union Council , Save our Services, Right to Work

UNISON City Council Branch, UCU City College Branch, PCS Midland Region, GMB B49 Branch

The Coalition has No Mandate for Cuts

In the general election 65% of people voted for parties opposed to cuts this year. The cuts will only deepen the recession and make recovery more difficult. Together with similar measures across Europe they risk a prolonged world slump. Unemployment in Britain is predicted to rise above 3 million, and vital services will be slashed.

The City Council, the Health Authorities, the Civil Service, and the police all face cuts of 20% over four years. This has to undermine front line services. The private sector will also suffer, as many firms are totally dependent on public projects and finance.

There is an Alternative

  • Tax the rich and the banks

  • More and Better Services not Less

  • Increase pay to match inflation

  • Create a million “Green” Jobs

Organise to defend our jobs and conditions

Autumn Conference

‘A new Vision for Birmingham’

‘How to Fight the Cuts’

Planning Meeting

Tuesday June 29th 7.30 pm

Birmingham Council House Room 1 

All Welcome

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