The role of IsraHell in Syria


But isn’t Israel afraid of Al-Qaeda presence in the tormented Syria? The idea is scary and Al-Qaeda is the West’s bogeyman but not Israel’s. Al-Qaeda avoids the confrontation with Israelis despite its numerous anti-Jewish rants. Israel knows that HezbollahAl-Qaeda, Hamas, nor the previous Palestinian red factions such as Abu Nidal and the Popular Front are threatening its security; they were just a source nuisance. The balance of power is always in Israel’s favor as the Jewish state always wins the war in the end.
Israel has also fortified itself through building secure borders. Israel has built a long fence separating the West Bank and will build another one with Egypt. It will also build “Israel’s great wall” from the Golan’s side, separating Israel and Syria.Tel Aviv did not release any information or suggestion regarding its role in Syria, but we know that this is the most serious war on its borders and it directly affects its security.
Therefore, it is impossible for Israel to stand still. Little has been said after Israeli leader’s return from Russia. Israeli President Shimon Peres said that they were against any foreign military intervention, but at the same time, they supported the idea of sending Arab troops to enforce peace in Syria! 
Peres certainly knows that the international intervention needs one week to topple Assad’s regime, but the Arab intervention will make the war last for years. This absurd notion of sending Arab troops — also recommended by Arab League — doesn’t identity which Arab troops, or how they will be send.Possible scenarios: I imagine that Israel is influenced by the Western and Russian opinion in dealing with the events in Syria. It is probably behind the renunciation of their interests and threats regarding Assad regime. 
Israelis see four possibilities for ending the Syrian tragedy: First, the fall of the regime and the establishment of an alternative drained regime by the opposition on a destroyed and scorched territory. The second possibility is the fall of the regime with the ongoing civil war and without a strong central government, similar to Somalia. The third possibility is that Assad and his clique will flee to the coast and will announce the separation and the establishment of an Allawite mini-state, and thus the battles between the Syrians will continue. The last possibility, unlikely to happen, is that the situation will remain as it is and Assad will stay in Damascus and the opposition will be fighting against him; this situation will loiter for a very long time.
These four possibilities serve Israel. The option that does not suit Israel was the international intervention a year ago and toppling Assad’s regime and the establishment of a new one to be internationally supported based on democracy. Israel knows that this will make Syria a stronger neighbor, since it has a population three times larger than Israel’s and especially if it is endorsed with a real popular regime.
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