LEBANON WATCH- Rifai: Hay al Selom explosion outcome of security exposure

“Loyalty to the Resistance” bloc member, Deputy Kamel Rifai, said that Hay al Selom explosion was an outright result of security exposure in Lebanon and weapon chaos in all the regions. “There are groups that exploit the two issues above to achieve political gains through security incidents,” the MP told “Fajr” radio on Tuesday. The MP accused those who tried to transfer strife from one place to another of being behind the blast. He did not rule out that the latest incident would be individual, stressing need to wait for investigations outcome. “
Overpopulation as a result of Syrian refugees flow to Lebanon has led to a kind of chaos,” the MP confirmed. He pointed that Hezbollah did not prevent the security apparatuses from reaching the scene of the blast. “Hezbollah usually cordons off any blast scene at the beginning, just in case there is another explosion,” Rifai stressed. The MP called on all sides to support the security forces and to allow them to enter all the regions to fulfill their duties. The MP accused a fifth column of standing behind the latest explosions in Hay al Selom, Baalbek, and Bekaa, saying it’s not Hezbollah that’s targeted, but rather the security of the citizen.

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