Five Steps the EU Can Take to Help Syria’s Recovery
A five-pronged strategy is needed to overcome these obstacles and set postconflict Syria on the path to recovery. And the European Union can play a central role in the efforts.First, the international community should focus on the human elements of the crisis: helping returnees reunite with their families, sheltering those whose homes have been destroyed, supplying vast amounts of basic commodities (mattresses, blankets, cookers, food) to those most in need, and helping with home repair and rebuilding. Specialized international agencies and NGOs should be mobilized alongside national NGOs.
[ed notes:These aren’t a gift mind you,these are actually money making schemes,where the torn and destroyed Syrian nation(if Assad is toppled),will be importing everything from commodities,and other goods,wich favour who else but the globalist/capitalists targetting Syria?theirs aims arent altruistic,but rather a lucrative enterprise,wich required the total collapse of the nation,in order to pursue and benefit those hes advocating for,the manufacturers who will make a killing in profits…Turn the situation and see it from another angle,for a second,Imagine if Russia or China started backing rebels,and subversive groups in any western nation,then these proxy groups,destroyed that  western nation,bankrupting it,
sanctioning its,stealing its existing assets,then after devastation Russia or China started advocating going in after toppling that state govt,and promoting its economic interests to rebuild it?Can you imagine the outcry by western nations then?similarly though the latter scenario is hypothetical in nature,the reality is this is what west has done and plans to do to Syria!!!
The second element concerns the health and education systems. Hospitals, clinics, and schools need equipment, staff, and supplies to help in the recovery process. Most of the wounded have been treated in a summary way, and many are in need of secondary surgery, prosthetics, and rehabilitation. The need for psychological support is also immense, not least for the children. Here too, specialized international NGOs should be involved alongside the Syrian doctors and medics who have kept working under horrendous circumstances.
[ed notes:the sad irony is that Syria had all these under Assad,had great and free healthcare,some of the regions best hospitals,now the imperial wolves seek to bring in their supplies,their own version of private healthcare,wich will reep millions at expense of who? Syrians!!!These criminal Anglo-American establishments(like carnegie) proposing these agendas and policies are the ones who will sow the seeds they planted thou organized collapse of Syrian state..they will get the contracts,and their corporate sponsors will get the billions in reconstruction(much of witch will go missing just like in Iraq),or did you think the Zionist sponsored rebels built hospitals?and schools? no! they destroyed them purposely,and unashamedly documented themselves doing it in process in their own videos!!!
Third, the country’s struggling infrastructure needs to be restored. Roads, sanitation, energy, telecommunications, and water supply facilities have been devastated. In addition, a massive cleanup of military ordnance and equipment as well as civilian scrap vehicles is required. Not least, chemical weapons stocks should be secured and destroyed under international agreement and supervision. This will probably call for a combination of military and civilian expertise. [ed note;do people understand or grasp the value of the money (wich will be paid with interest of course) from gaining the rebuilding devastated Syrian nation?communications will be ran by zionists!!!energy will be ran by the worlds top energy corporations ( in west!),and the restructuring of Syrias military?the same militaries wich brougth us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,you imbecils!(those clueless leftists in west still supporting the rebels).
The fourth aspect involves restarting the Syrian economy and restoring agricultural, industrial, and trade activities. The proper incentives and self-help schemes should be put in place, while fair and equitable access to funding should be ensured.  [ed notes:You think syrias rebels, if Assad is toppled,would get control of Syrias agricultural and trade policies?No,those will be managed by those who give them the loan packages…IMF,WORLD
BANK,MONSANTO etc..rebels have no clue how to run or manage a country,(whos economy is now shattered thanks to them and their allies)they like Egypt,Tunisia, will fall into western conformity and will open up every sector of economy to the international globalists!
The fifth element is related to governance and is probably the most difficult component of the strategy. The focus should be on assisting local and national administrations to reorganize and resume the management of public services. Reinserting civil servants, the police, and the military into society will be an extremely delicate task. Getting the civil registry right (that is, counting the deceased), transitional justice efforts, public-assets recovery, and combating corruption should be high on the agenda.
[ ed notes:The E.U. managing Syrias public services? lol imagine that,a body of govt’s wich are now bankrupt and cutting their own citizens every social service and pensions,administering Syrias public services..”SIGH”
None of this will be easy, as past experience in postconflict management shows. The UN system will probably take the lead, experts will pile up evaluations and diagnoses, NGOs will compete for visibility, and individual countries will want to show leadership. The new Syrian government, whatever its composition, will have to rely in part on structures held over from the previous regime that are by now largely discredited. Of course, the various components of the National Coalition, not least the commanders of the Free Syrian Army, will also struggle for their share of responsibility in the reconstruction process. Ideological battles will not be far under the surface. Indeed, the road will be fraught with dangers. 
It is too early to envisage the kind of international framework under which such massive efforts will be planned, agreed, funded, implemented, and supervised. But some sort of UN-sponsored agreement with the new authorities will be required in order to ensure full acceptance by the Syrian people and the international community
Individual Arab states, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, may want to play a major financial role, while international agencies such as the World Bank will also naturally have a central part.  [ed note;Told yaaaaa!What ,(dumb leftists backing rebels)did you think for a second,that the rebels had the financial means to run Syria after?No,you mental midgets,they are but pawns,used to bring about the end result,wich is favours those who have the means to organize and restructure the nation(the international corporations and criminal banking cartels),who’s model for Syria,can be seen in Afghanistan,and Iraq!You frauds who back rebels,you are guilty,and your naivety,dishonesty,and support for these rebels ,facilitated the whole Zio-western project in works(if it succeeds,hasnt yet).
European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, with Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs and Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Štefan Füle, should and come up with a clear blueprint of what the EU can offer. Their initiative should focus on the five-pronged strategy: alleviating human suffering, rebuilding Syria’s health and education systems, repairing infrastructure, bolstering the economy, and addressing issues of governance. By so doing now, the European Commission will be fully ready when the time comes to extend, on behalf of the EU, a helping hand to the Syrian people. It is not too early to signal publicly to the desperate Syrian people that the EU is ready to help them stand on their own feet.
[ed notes;question : when a nations infrastructure is almost collapsed due to war,where do you silly imbecil fake leftists imagine,the reconstruction money wich will have to be borrowed will come from?the imaginary loan fairys?it will come from the most criminal corrupt leading world lending institutions you mindless drones,again ,”THE WORLDS MOST CRIMINAL ,CORRUPT WORLD LENDING INSTITUTIONS! Any so called leftist backing western intervention or rebels in Syria,are undoubtedly usefull idiots and tools,and these make me sick. Fake revolutionaries,you arent even qualified to discuss these issues,if you were, i wouldn’t have to be here stating the obvious,wasting my time now would i?

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