The deal of the century is clear on the ground


At the same time, he and his advisers argue that Israel has the right to include and Jews large parts of the West Bank, release settlements, and demolish Palestinian homes in an unprecedented manner. Now since 1967, this demolition has not been years, and Kushner says that the Palestinians are not ready and unable to govern themselves, and Greenblatt says the Palestinians have no right to have a state. ”

The question being asked today after the failure of the Bahrain conference will succeed Israel and others In achieving what the conference failed to achieve? Dealing with the residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to achieve economic prosperity, and also in Lebanon, imposing measures that restrict and restrict the freedom of work of Palestinian refugees to deport them to the Diaspora.

 The question that arises today after the failure of the Bahrain conference will Israel and others succeed in achieving what the conference failed to achieve? By working with the residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to achieve economic prosperity, and also in Lebanon, imposing measures that restrict and restrict the freedom of work of Palestinian refugees to deport them to the Diaspora. The question that arises today after the failure of the Bahrain conference will Israel and others succeed in achieving what the conference failed to achieve? 

By working with the residents of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to achieve economic prosperity, and also in Lebanon, imposing measures that restrict and restrict the freedom of work of Palestinian refugees to deport them to the Diaspora.

According to media reports, Israeli women officers are working to improve relations with the Palestinian Authority, and today they are leading the civil administration in the West Bank. They say, “Today we are helping Israeli leaders make a better decision, and the brigade leaders today are more attentive to what is happening on the Palestinian street.” In a private meeting, they explain the key to security calm in the West Bank.

The professional debate among the four officers of the Civil Administration reflects the dilemma that exists in the Israeli military establishment, in the Civil Administration, as well as the US Administration. In light of reports on the main points of the peace plan, the million-dollar question rises more than ever: Palestinians economic prosperity over a state S sovereignty? Is living the Palestinian youth level is more important than the national struggle?        

The most important question

The officers say, “The moment you press the Palestinian boy in al-Aqsa, he will respond,” explains the introduction to the doctrine of Edith Zergrian. “There are symbols, such as Jerusalem, that they will not give up. But yesterday, with the passage of the PA’s social security law, more demonstrators, tens of thousands of Palestinians, have taken out more than every day of the national celebration,” explains the head of the civil coordination branch. “When soldiers enter at midnight a young man’s house in Nablus, it turns him into a Qomji, but there is a whole new generation in the West Bank that is more affected by the Internet and will increase his Qomji if there is no normalization.

The 20-year-old Palestinian is interested in finding Job, many people surf the Internet and aspire to live in Tel Aviv, and still have a high Palestinian identity, but still aspires to live in Israel, and not in the Arab countries, so it is important to develop business to adapt.

Lieutenant Colonel Mali Miri, head of infrastructure in the Civil Administration, said: “Whoever is not born in 1995, most likely, has not seen Tel Aviv – and we encourage him to go out to see the sea, not see the soldiers at the checkpoint only.” Major Tally Crotro Aharon, head of the Bethlehem District Coordination and Liaison Department, also claims that the influence of “nationalism” has declined. “It is better to be violent in the virtual talk, not with stones at the checkpoint. Palestinian society is undergoing changes, and it is becoming more and more Western. We see this using mobile phones, hairstyles and clothes. The individual is in the center.” Lt. Col. Sagit Zgalski, Head of Operations and Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, believes that the younger generation in the Palestinian street favors a comfortable and western life, compared to a veteran generation that does not want economic peace.

Improve social and economic life

One point where there is no disagreement. When the social and economic lives of millions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza improve, the relative security situation will be maintained and will improve. They have no illusions that peace will come tomorrow morning. But at the end of the day, every side talk by the Palestinians on security issues comes back to the civil economic issue as if both sides are tired of the violence and just trying to improve their daily lives. 

The new head of the Bethlehem Civil Administration notes that “the booming economy makes the population live in peace, and today the bank account occupies the Palestinian citizen more than Hamas or Islamic Jihad.” We have worked to make the big crossings a quick gateway, and today it takes the Palestinians from seconds to minutes to cross the roadblocks around Jerusalem while in the past waiting hours. ”

Officer Sally Meir uses the term “normalization” as a possible goal. “Today, too, there are Palestinian villages that do not yet have electricity and water infrastructure.

The introduction of Gaza workers to Israel

According to the website of Yedioth Ahronoth, the IDF and the so-called “coordinator of the operations of the occupation government in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1967” in principle support this step, and the regional councils in the Gaza envelope have shown interest in it It quoted the security source as saying that he (the rest p. 6)

“In the Gaza Strip they would prefer to work in Israel rather than dig tunnels,” he said. The same context?

Lebanese Minister of Labor decided to Kamil Abu Suleiman , the treatment of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are similar to foreign workers and questions that arise in this context are: Why was a decision to impose procedures narrow and restrict the freedom of action of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon at this particular time? Is it true, as the Minister of Labor has said, that the measures were an implementation of an earlier decision, or a violation of the decisions of the Lebanese government?        

 What is the aim of seeking to impose such measures on Palestinian workers after seventy-one years of asylum as if they were foreigners? Is this not related to the project of resettlement and displacement that the deal of the century aims to eliminate the right of return for Palestinian refugees?

 Firstly, the issuance of such measures came in terms of its Lebanese timing, directly related to the existence of a Labor Minister belonging to the Lebanese Forces Party, known for its political position that does not support the right of the Palestinian people. Hence, the forces of the party implicitly support the displacement of Palestinians from Lebanon to other countries in Europe or non-Europe, (although despite the natural increase, the number of Palestinians is decreasing in Lebanon as a result of the same undeclared policy), which is in the service of the plan to deport refugees from Palestine The measures taken by Minister Abu Suleiman lead to this goal by increasing the difficulties of life for the Palestinian refugees to immigrate to the various countries of the world in order to get out of the cruel life they live in injustice and the situation of persecution and deprivation of the most basic rights. Insa N. 

Second, there is no doubt that the action of the Minister of Labor is inseparable from what the US administration seeks to abolish UNRWA, which witnesses the issue of refugees and provide international assistance to them until they return to their lands and homes from which they were displaced in 1948. It is known that the Arab countries of the United States of America is in charge of the marketing of this dangerous deal, as it is known that the Forces Party has ties with these countries and the United States also have relations Li subordination in the implementation of its policies…       

 Therefore, a radical reconsideration of the Lebanese state’s approach to the Palestinian refugee issue is required by establishing a policy based on the recognition of their civil, social and political rights, and the abolition of all unfair inhuman decisions and laws that contradict Lebanon’s position in support of the Palestinian cause and supporting the right of the Palestinian people to resist them. To regain his usurped rights, rejecting the resettlement schemes on the basis of supporting the right of return to land and homes in Palestine.   

 The economic aspect of the “deal of the century” means turning the Palestinian question into predominantly compromised real estate, and some money to stabilize the refugees inside the Palestinians who are besieged and displaced by the settlements; and, more importantly, to transform the displaced outside the borders of Palestine in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt and Syria into refugees forever. Money as it is said! “

United in the face of the deal of the century

The supreme national issues need to go beyond the status of the existing division, the distance between them, and to meet in a national body to deal with a general national issue that has nothing to do with division or elections, the national unity government, or the organization. It does not concern Fatah alone, nor Hamas alone.

 United in the face of the deal, the deal is not inevitable, and that America with its power and greatness is not inevitable capacity of the Palestinian people, and therefore the Palestinians reject the deal, and are ready to resist US influence, and to resist the Israeli occupation. The conflict over Palestine remains the occupation, and America cannot change the geography of the region, because Palestine is a free people that does not sell its land and homeland with the money of America, Israel and the Arabs. The confrontation is happening, but what is lacking is unified practical positions to confront any executive step taken by the enemy, its allies, or its agents on the land of Palestine.

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