The Corrupt Stalker Barak Cohen Is Called For An Investigation Because Of Naziyahu's Son


The famous political and social activist, lawyer Barak Cohen, who has been known to prosecute and harass corrupt businessmen and politicians by filming them in public places and asking embarrassing questions and often insults, was summoned yesterday by the police to investigate after a complaint by the son of the Prime Minister, Avner Netanyahu.

A week ago, Barak Cohen pursued Avner Netanyahu while he and his friends were at a restaurant, where he filmed a video of his screaming charges against the prime minister’s son. Cohen and some activists have recently taken protest steps, dubbed “Coming to Netanyahu,” by directly pursuing and protesting against people associated with the prime minister and his family members as “guardians of Netanyahu’s rule,” as they put it.

Avner Netanyahu commented on his Facebook page:

Cohen, for his part, commented: “Corruption, fraud and dishonesty are serious criminal offenses. Protests against those who do them are a practice of natural citizenship.” Describing Netanyahu the son as “cowardly young.”


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