Palestine: 100 prisoners join the strike from all prisons

hunger strike

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

JERUSALEM – 100 prisoners from different Nazi camp’s joined an open-ended hunger strike on Monday to protest against the failure of the Nazi camp administration to implement what has been agreed on carcinogenic jamming devices.

The Prisoners Information Office said that the prisoners were closed yesterday evening, most of the sections in solidarity with the striking prisoners for the lack of commitment to the “prison administration” of what has been agreed on jamming carcinogens.

The office pointed out that the conditions inside the prisons are taking an escalation and the coming hours are decisive, and the management of the Nazi camp insists on its position not to implement what was agreed on the jamming devices, pointing out that new leaders of the captive movement will join the strike, in addition to new numbers of several prisons, unless provided Prison management solutions meet what has been agreed.

He stressed that a number of prisoners are still on hunger strike and water from several days in the prisons of the occupation.

He stressed the captive movement in prisons, that they will have protest steps in various forms in the coming hours, calling on all prisoners to prepare and prepare for any decision issued by them to defend the rights and gains and face the repression machine, according to the office.

It is noteworthy that the prisoners gave Wednesday, the prison administration for 24 hours to respond to a number of demands: activating the public telephone for five days and remove jamming devices, and return strikers who were transferred from the prison “Raymond” to the prison “Nafha” and the number (23) prisoners, In addition to stopping inspection campaigns.

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