Shakeel Afsar pictured with Katie Hopkins: ‘Bro, are you stupid?’

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Shakeel Afsar pictured with Katie Hopkins.

Two campaigners against schools teaching LGBT acceptance have been condemned for being pictured with Katie Hopkins. But what inspired them to do this?

Shakeel Afsar and Amir Ahmed, who have been leading protests in Birmingham were pictured alongside the blogger who has openly criticised Islam and as recently as June 2 posted a video of the Azaaz with the caption “The video THEY don’t want you to see. Nelson’s column. Trafalgar Square. The heart of London. This is a glimpse into our future.”

Demonstrators vowed to carry out a fresh protest later this week – but away from Anderton Park Primary School’s gates. An interim High Court injunction secured by the council has banned demonstrations taking place within an exclusion zone around the site.

The legal bid bars those objecting to use of particular relationship education materials from protesting anywhere near the school.

Hopkins tweeted: “So gracious of @shakeelafsar7, and his family to invite me into their home, during their Eid celebrations – to discuss the issues with LGBT teaching at #AndertonParkPrimarySchool”

Shakeel Afsar then retweeted Katie Hopkins and said: “We as a community will Remain Tolerant of ANYONE even if we Totallt [sic] Disagree & we will Learn to CO EXSIST [sic]. Shame We cannot say the same about @BrumLeader @JaneRockHouse & @birmingham_live.”

We as a community will Remain Tolerant of ANYONE even if we Totallt Disagree & we will Learn to CO EXSIST. Shame We cannot say the same about @BrumLeader @JaneRockHouse & @birmingham_live— shakeel afsar (@shakeelafsar7) June 4, 2019

Katie was then videoed with both activists on a sofa about how both sides agreed on ‘nnot being silenced’

For the most part our views could not be more opposed. We are sworn ‘enemies’.

And yet we share a singular determination.

We will not be silenced. And we are prepared to lose everything in the determination to speak our truths.— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) June 6, 2019

Among her many tweets which focus primarily on Islam and the apparent ‘threat’ of Muslims here’s one from May 21.


Speech: “The Islamisation of Western Europe”.


Live stream: will be available. Details to follow

Press: [email protected]— Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins) May 21, 2019

People were unforgiving

Jonathan Fisher@fishplums · Jun 4, 2019Replying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

this is so, so, so embarrassing for you

Jonathan Fisher@fishplums

this is a woman who called migrants cockroaches. who posted a video 2 days ago trying to generate anti-Islam panic. who posed outside that primary school THIS MORNING trying to provoke anti-Islam sentiment. how fucking stupid can you be??

478:25 PM – Jun 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Jonathan Fisher’s other Tweets

Tawseef@ItsMeTawseefReplying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

sharam karo shakeel, hadd hogayi

612:01 AM – Jun 5, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Tawseef’s other Tweets

Shai T Lahtay@ShaiHussainReplying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

Seriously, Shakeel. Katie is beyond redemption and is using you as a pawn. Don’t ally with the intolerant to fight intolerance – doesn’t work that way.

109:15 PM – Jun 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Shai T Lahtay’s other Tweets

Sadia Jabeen@SadiaJabeen82Replying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

Wreaks of narcissism & self promotion. If you really cared about protecting Muslim kids you wouldn’t invite someone who calls them vermin into your home. ON EID! This is whole thing is just about you and your ego. So insulting.

69:28 PM – Jun 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Sadia Jabeen’s other Tweets

Asha Iqbal@_socialdroneReplying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

You honestly call what you have been doing peaceful? Are you kidding me? And then to meet Katie Hopkins.. are you losing your mind completely?3011:35 PM – Jun 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Asha Iqbal’s other Tweets

Your being used as a political tool by the woman who would turn around and call you a P*ki and accuse you of raping white girls.— A taxpaying citizen who presses charges (@DoomGuy3000)

June 4, 2019

Omair@omair_manzoorReplying to @shakeelafsar7 and 3 others

Bro are you stupid? What on earth do you think your doing. You just shafted yourself and the Anderton Park Muslim parents

211:16 PM – Jun 4, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacySee Omair’s other Tweets

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