The Nazi Mossad stole medical equipment to fight Corona

The Israeli army minister admits that Mossad stole medical equipment to fight Corona

The Minister of the Army in the Occupation, Nazi Naftali Bennett, admitted that the Mossad acquired vital medical equipment through theft and not only by contacting parties with which there are no official diplomatic relations.

In an interview with the occupation army radio, Nazi Bennett did not deny that the Mossad stole the medical equipment that ‘Israel needed in the past two weeks to treat Corona patients’.

“Did Mossad steal?” Of course, Nazi Bennett said: “Of course I will not answer this question, but all of us work in brutal, harsh and intelligent ways, and we have creative capabilities in the field of modulating different machines for artificial respiration machines and I was personally in such units.”

It is noteworthy that, nearly two weeks ago, the Mossad obtained 100,000 units for corona infection, and soon the Nazi Ministry of Health revealed that this equipment is not required, as stated by the Deputy Director General of the Ministry, Tatmar Grotto, in an interview with local media.

At that time, Grotto clarified that Nazi suffers from a shortage of simple medical tools in the form of wooden sticks that hold cotton in its heads to take samples from the throat and nose. The office of the Nazi, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that he thanked Mossad for its success in providing many medical equipment recently in order to combat infection. But the Nazi regime authorities have criticized the involvement of the Mossad in such missions at the expense of its preoccupation with its basic tasks in security and strategic issues, as observers have criticized for revealing this role, and accused Naziyahu of doing so in a new attempt to gain political points.

It is noteworthy that the Mossad secured hundreds of thousands of medical tools and equipment from various sides, some of them from a Gulf country before it is the UAE according to Israeli leaks, in addition to stealing it from stores in undisclosed countries as stated in the hint of Nazi Naftali Bennett.

Return of the economy after Easter, and the Nazi regime agreed to new general guidelines that are expected to further restrict traffic in cities in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Yesterday, Nazi Bennett expressed satisfaction with the general behavior of the army and his management of the crisis, but added that “in order to reopen the economy after Easter, we will need further scrutiny.” The situation in Israel is under full control. The extent of infection among the general population is reasonable, although we do not know what it is because we have not performed relatively little testing. So I’m just optimistic. To open the economy after Easter, we need more testing. ”

Nazi Bennett said that the army is currently treating 350,000 elderly and adults who need support in nutrition. In addition, he mentioned the role of the home front, which answers thousands of phones daily and makes a massive purchase of masks and all equipment designed to protect the medical staff.

Nazi Bennett said that the citizens of ‘Israel’ are very disciplined, and the death rate in relation to the infection rate is almost low compared to what is happening in the world. He continued, “I don’t know today if there are 20,000 or 200,000 people in Israel, nobody knows. The Ministry of Health is ultimately a regulatory body and it is not an execution body. We are not medical experts and it is a very complex story that only the army can do.

He added, “I don’t want the land, just send people back to work. We assist the Ministry of Health, to the extent possible, in carrying out the tasks until this decision is taken. ”

Simultaneously, the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” revealed that the chief of staff of the Nazi occupation army, Aviv Kochavi, formally requested to assume responsibility for facing the crisis of the spread of the Coronavirus, where he sent a secret message several days ago to Naziyahu, and asked him to transfer responsibility for facing the crisis of Corona to the army.

The newspaper said that Nazi Kochavi’s message reached a very narrow group of officials, claiming that he wanted to refrain from appearing as someone who interferes in a confrontation between Nazi Naziyahu and Bennett, and with a discussion about transferring responsibility for crisis management from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Security.

In his message, Nazi Kochavi considered that there are eight issues that must be transferred to the army immediately, among which is the assumption by the Nazi army of conducting Corona tests with a view to arriving at larger tests than are currently taking place. Nazi Kochavi also believes that the army should use its capabilities to focus all the information that has accumulated about Corona, and to exhaust it in the best way, believing that the army is ready to take full responsibility for dealing with the epidemic immediately.

Ask for help in China. It is noteworthy that the ministries of security and foreign and the “Elal” airline, last Sunday sent a plane convoy to China with the aim of bringing medical equipment to confront Corona.

And Zionist channel 13 revealed that 11 Israeli planes flew from Tel Aviv to China to bring millions of necessary medical tools. Yesterday, the first plane took off from China en route to ‘Israel’ carrying medical masks and half a million suits to protect medical personnel. The plane will arrive at Ben Gurion Airport at dawn on Tuesday. It also came that “Elal” company will send two planes per day for a week until the end of the process, and in the coming days will be bringing respirators.

The Nazi Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it has the possibility to conduct ten thousand corona examinations per day, and that the ministry is currently working on obtaining chemicals after two weeks, in order to increase the amount of examinations to more than ten thousand.

** Curfew
In this context, Zionist Channel 12 said that the government decided to impose the closure on other Israeli cities in addition to the city of “Bnei Brak” adjacent to Tel Aviv due to the widespread spread of the Corona virus. And talk is going on about cities mainly inhabited by ultra-Orthodox Jews (the Haredim) as the rate of adherence to precautionary and cautious instructions is low, and these towns are Elad, Majdal Haemek, Beitar Illit, Ashkelon, Tiberias, Ur Yehuda, Modi’in Illit, and neighborhoods in the city of Jerusalem.

As for the method of closure, it will be similar to the one imposed on Bnei Brak, but it is less severe, with fewer restrictions on movement, and the army will assume a large role in the process.

An official in the Ministry of Health stressed to the Zionist channel 12, the importance of the timing of imposing the closure before the Jewish Passover, and considered that this is the appropriate time.

Against the backdrop of government discussions about imposing closures on additional cities and neighborhoods around the country, the Nazi Interior Minister said during an interview on the same Zionist channel, that the government is considering imposing a comprehensive closure throughout the country on the eve of the Jewish Passover.

He added: “We thought of closing down, but not of paralyzing the state.” He explained that closing before the holiday does not mean closing shops and workplaces. He continued, “On Eid week, mainly on the eve of Eid, we do not want to see any movement between families. We want, on the eve of Eid, that the person spend the Eid with the people he currently lives with.

Deri, a follower of the Haredi, concluded by saying that he should not leave the house for a distance of more than 100 meters. The channel revealed that Naziyahu is seeking to impose closures on additional cities with a large number of casualties.

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