Saudi Zio-Wahabi regime ready to normalize ties with Nazi entity

Riyadh says it is committed to Arab parameters for peace with the Nazi regime

Saudis have lost the right to take Sunni leadership | Financial Times

Saudi Zio-Wahabi said it is ready to normalize relations with the Nazi entity based on the 2002 Zionist Arab initiative proposal for peace.

In an interview with the Riyadh-based Arab News daily, Zio-Wahhabi Abdallah Al-Mouallimi, the Wahabi permanent representative to the UN, said Riyadh is committed to the Zionist Arab Initiative for peace, which calls for the end of the Nazi occupation of all Arab territories Nazi occupied in 1967 and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Nazi occupied East Jerusalem as its capital in return of normalizing ties with the Nazi entity.

“The official and latest Saudi position is that we are prepared to normalize relations with Israel as soon as Israel implements the elements of the Saudi peace initiative that was presented in 2002,” Zio-Wahhabi Al-Mouallimi said.

He added that once implementing the initiative, the Nazi entity will have recognition “not only from Saudi Arabia but the entire Muslim world, all 57 countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.”

“Time does not change right or wrong. The Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories is wrong no matter how long it lasts,” the Zio-Wahhabi diplomat said.

Last month, Zionist media reported that a delegation of some 20 American Zionist leaders had visited the Wahabi entity and met with senior officials there, including at least six government ministers and senior representatives of the Saudi Zio-Wahabi royal house in an effort to review possibilities of establishing ties between Riyadh and the Nazi entity.

Saudi Zio-Wahabi regime has repeatedly reiterated its commitment of the Arab parameters for peace with the Nazi entity expressed in the 2002 Saudi Zio-Wahabi proposed Arab Initiative.

Nazi occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Nazi war and annexed the entire city in 1980 in a move that has never been recognized by the international community.

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