“Eco­nom­i­cally super­flu­ous young men.” So let’s kill them or starve them into a lower birth-rate, rather than offering devel­op­ment aid [Real aid, repa­ra­tions, not the usual crap we give out] and ending the occu­pa­tion. Martin Kramer here adopts the rhetoric of a Nazi.
Not because the Nazis were evil without equal. But because this is sickening on a precisely similar level. “Pro-natal subsidies” means food and medical aid. I have read that babies are being born with con­di­tions that are unknown in the West due to the poisoning of the water.
The sustained astro­nom­i­cal nitrate exposure that causes these con­di­tions will have totally unpre­dictable effects because no one has ever subjected a pop­u­la­tion to them before. Darryl Li calls the Gaza Strip a “lab­o­ra­tory.” Lab­o­ra­to­ries are where you mess around with chemistry and biology, giving a little bit to one test subject, a little more to another. Who would have thought that the analogy would veer so close to truth?
Kramer, meanwhile, seems to think he said nothing wrong: “I made a memorable argument for the role of pop­u­la­tion growth in rad­i­cal­iza­tion, a clip of which is embedded below.” Memorable, Martin, for sure.

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