I am proud of what the GFM did. But we did not break the siege. Viva Palestine did. It’s worth thinking about why, and how, except, I’m still waiting for per­mis­sion to get into Gaza from the Mu-Barak Zionist regime. So that will wait, except to note that Viva has effec­tively straddled the humanitarian-political barrier very effec­tively, despite whatever other short­com­ings the convoys may have. They get aid, monetary and political, and are able to bring in real physical assis­tance and intan­gi­ble morale to the inhab­i­tants of Gaza, without com­pro­mis­ing the struggle. Until then:
“The world will be seeing this image. And what is this image? This image is a human­i­tar­ian convoy, with medicine, from 17 countries, with people of all races and creeds, coming together being faced by ranks of riot police and water cannons. That’s what the world will see tonight.”
 [Via Dane Vincent Smith. Forth­com­ing in April 2010]
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