Palestine: Recaptured Prisoner Qadri Subjected to Nazi Psychological Torture

Yacoub Qadri appears at an Israeli court in Nazareth. (Photo: via Social Media)

Attorney Hanan al-Khateeb, a lawyer with the Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs Commission, said after meeting with prisoner Yacoub Qadri, one of four re-captured Palestinian prisoners, that he is subjected to psychological torture by Nazi Gestapo investigators and is kept in a cell measuring roughly one meter by two that lacks basic human necessities.

The lawyer reported on prisoner Qadri after visiting him today following Nazi court lifting the ban imposed by the Nazi Security Services on visits by the lawyers to the four prisoners, as saying that the five days he spent out of prison were the best days he spent in the open air of Palestine without any restrictions.

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Breaking I Detainee Yaqoub Qadri to his lawyer: “I will try to escape again, and there is nothing sweeter than the taste of freedom.”


“I saw children in the streets and I kissed one of them, and that was the best thing that happened to me,” said Qadri.

“As long as we are alive I will search for my freedom over and over again,” he told the commission’s lawyer, adding that all he needs is a copy of the Quran.

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