Nazi Army Chief: Raiding Jenin Could Become Inevitable Choice

People in Jenin celebrate the daring escape of six Palestinian prisoners. (Photo: via Social media)

Chief of Staff of the Nazi Army, Aviv Kochavi, yesterday warned that raiding the West Bank city of Jenin could become an inevitable choice, Zionist TV Channel 12 reported.

Al Maydan News Agency reported the Zionist TV channel as quoting Kochavi saying the Israeli army would raid the city to “purge” the armed Palestinian factions.

The New Arab@The_NewArab One or both of those still on the run after the #GilboaPrison break could now be holed up in #Jenin, Kochavi said, prompting “the possibility of launching a large-scale military operation” there. #Palestine#Israel

The Israeli army's Chief of the General Staff, Aviv Kochavi

Kochavi expected that one of the Palestinian escapees could have reached and entered Jenin, and could be receiving assistance from there.

He said that the investigations with Zakaria Al Zubeidi, who was recaptured, revealed that the escapees planned to go to Jenin.

“If we became sure that they arrived in Jenin, a large amount of the army would be ready to raid the city, rearrest them and put them in prison again even if this affected the rest of the West Bank,” he said.

The Palestine Chronicle@Palestine Chron
From the ‘Iron Wall’ to the ‘Villa in the Jungle’: #Palestinians Demolish #Israel’s #Security Myths by @RamzyBaroud… via @PalestineChron


He added that if the two remaining escapees are found to be in a different West Bank town, the same scenario would be implemented in that area.

Kochavi said that the Palestinian Authority has become weak in the occupied West Bank and the Nazi regime would not allow the Palestinian organizations to “raise their heads.”

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