"Damn Your Parliament And Constitution": A Short Story On American Democracy

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

America’s efforts to overthrow the regime in Venezuela seem to have reached a dead end, and now the Trump administration’s battle against the Venezuelan leadership and against democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro is disappointingly failing, even though the US administration refuses to admit it. Under the well-known American argument, concern for democracy, the US administration imposed a suffocating blockade on Venezuela, practiced international bullying, fought a distorted media campaign against the Venezuelan government, carried out several assassination attempts on the president and attempts at a military coup, supported the client opposition with all its economic, political, media and intelligence power. And set up a president from her in a shameless Come on the decision of the Venezuelan people and all this of course out of concern for democracy ..

History attests to the constant American concern for democracy around the world, and the stories of careful US “democratic” interventions in the world are not counted: coups backed by elected governments, crushing popular aspirations for democracy, bloody military interventions in the name of democracy. But there is no more expression of the American doctrine of democracy than Lyndon Johnson’s administration with its crudeness and rudeness that abandoned all diplomatic caveats and deceptive language, and in particular his conversation with the Greek ambassador in 1964 of its initiation and professionalism.

Johnson, who succeeded John F. Kennedy in the US presidency, has been clear since taking office in his full adoption of the doctrine of Thomas Mann, a US diplomat specializing in Latin America. The interests of their people. The United States no longer discriminates against right-wing dictatorships and considers that military assistance is a better investment than Kennedy’s economic aid. Brazil, the fifth richest country in the world in natural resources, was the first to suffer from Johnson’s policies and doctrine. This is what angered the Johnson administration, which was not prepared to tolerate another Cuban model in its backyard.

Johnson first cut Brazil’s economic aid sharply, raising inflation to unprecedented limits. The CIA also financed large anti-government rallies. The new 50,000 people practiced brutal repression against all dissidents and imposed a bloody repressive climate on Brazil under the eyes of the grateful US administration. Johnson even lavished the new dictatorship with $ 2 billion over the next six years of US aid.

Johnson’s next step was the Dominicans. In 1965, Johnson sent 23,000 troops to crush a popular uprising seeking to restore constitutional order after a military coup against President Juan Bush, the first democratically elected president in the Dominican history, whose social and economic reforms aroused businessmen and state-allied landlords. United States. The uprising was crushed under American guns, the rule of the pro-American dictatorship and the elimination of all those demanding the return of the constitution and democracy, or as the American propaganda, called “pro-communist”. “There is no doubt that they are trying to replicate Castro’s model. They are now moving elsewhere in the hemisphere and may be part of a communist model associated with Vietnam,” Johnson told his lawyer.

In Greece, where the United States supported a far-right government that emerged in the early 1960s, a popular movement and a strong yearning for democracy, which made Greece its first cradle, Democrat President Georgios Papandreou reinstated the prime minister in defiance of the interests of the United States and its allies in Greece. Listen to me, Ambassador, damn your parliament and your constitution! America is an elephant! Cyprus and Greece are just fleas. He added, threatening: “We pay a lot of dollars to Greece, Ambassador, if your prime minister continues to talk about democracy, he and his parliament and constitution will not live long.”

Johnson actually carried out his threat and did not last long. The military junta seized power in 1967 with US support and imposed a repressive rule that was dumped by backwardness and reaction. Oppositions. Under the presidency of Georgios Papdlos, who once served as captain in the Nazi security battalion to track down Greek resistance fighters, he later became the first CIA agent to head a European state.

“Damn your parliament and your constitution! Damn your democracy”, this is not only Johnson’s message to the Greek ambassador at the time, this is the historic message of the United States to all the peoples of the world, every people decides to take their decision in their own hands and use their resources to develop themselves and not to accumulate profit Major US companies. All the people of the world are nothing but fleas for the American elephant will not hesitate to crush them under his foot if he bothered him with its true democracy, with its yearning for liberation. But the Venezuelan “flea”, crushing the crush, is now wracked by the elephant returning to Washington, disappointed with his tail in his feet.

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