Nazi Occupation arrests the Minister of Jerusalem and 4 Palestinians in the West Bank


The Nazi occupation Forces (NOF ) arrested on Sunday five Palestinians from several areas in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, including the Minister of Jerusalem Affairs.

According to local sources, the Nazi occupation forces arrested the released prisoners Ahmed Al-Yamani and Momen Abu Shamsia, after they raided their homes in “Khallet Hadour” in Hebron.

The Nazi occupation forces also arrested Daoud Mousa from his house in Al-Khader village, south of Bethlehem.

In Jerusalem , Israeli intelligence arrested Fadi al-Hadmi from his home in the occupied city.

A source for “Jerusalem”, that the forces of the police and intelligence of the occupation, stormed the house of Hadmi in the neighborhood of Sawana in Jerusalem, and arrested the minister and took him to one of its interrogation centers, adding that the background of the arrest is not known until the moment, but it falls within the obstruction of his work in the city Jerusalem.

The Nazi army announced that its forces arrested four Palestinians after they stormed several cities in the West Bank at dawn today, under the pretext that they are among the wanted by the army.

The Nazi army raids several villages and towns in the cities of the occupied West Bank, as well as Jerusalem and its suburbs, and arrests a number of Palestinians during dawn hours, amid clashes.

Occupation takes the measurements of the house of the prisoner Qassam Barghouti in preparation for its demolition

Nazi forces arrest 3 freed prisoners in Tulkarem

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