Al Manar torch will not extinguish…. Wide solidarity with the resistance

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

Al Manar torch will not extinguish…. Wide solidarity with the resistance channel after the closure of its accounts on Zionist puppet Twitter

As Facebook, the social networking site Twitter yesterday closed Al-Manar channel accounts. The main channel account had exceeded 480,000 followers. The reason is that it is the channel of resistance and considers the Zionist entity an enemy, and this does not suit the policies of the United States and Europe.

Twitter also closed other accounts of the resistance, including Jerusalem, that is, closed accounts belonging to the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance, in an effort to silence the voice of everyone who stands in the face of the Israeli enemy.

This will certainly not weaken the Al-Manar channel, which has been subjected to many repression. The channel, which was taken from the ‘flame will not extinguish’ slogan was bombed during the aggression of July 2006, but did not stop broadcasting only a few minutes. In recent years, both ‘Arabsat’ and ‘NileSat’ have cut off the resistance channel.

Mass media and popular solidarity with Al-Manar channel after the suspension of accounts on the ‘Twitter’ yesterday. Under Hashtag’s ‘Flame will not extinguish’ and ‘Solidarity with Al-Manar’, chirped thousands of lovers. Pulse of the South solidarity with the channel Al-Manar monitor you the most prominent of these Tweets:

– Director of news and political programs channel Ms. Mariam Al – Bassam : “During the aggression of July I said station # Manar at the moment of aggression Israeli station hit and other destruction # Hoana_hoakm
Today I stand with # Manar in solidarity with the default her world who was # to finish
and # Twitter
type I am against the decision of Twitter
to close the account


– Media fields Ali Murtada : “Al-Manar is not absent .. We are all Al-Manar 
# flame_ln_tntfi”

– Media fields Lana Medawar : “Is the end of the era of freedom brought by social media to the peoples who shut up their issues and distorted by traditional media ?!

There is no doubt that we are entering a new phase, and the search for alternatives has become a necessity.

#Solidarity_With_Manar ”

– Al-Manar media Ali Shuaib : “Because it is the voice of resistance .. They surrounded it in space and
closed its accounts .. Despite all that will remain
# Al-Manar channel # torch

– Al-Manar media Mona Tahini : “# Israeli Mossad celebrates the closure of Twitter for the account # Al-Manar channel… and congratulates its customers.

# Resistance hurts # enemy even tweeted.

#Light_Turner ”

– Poet Ibrahim Shoaib : “verses of public poetry I address the channel # Al-Manar:

Stars of the night can disappear
and our moon can go out .. What you know!
But what you will not extinguish the flame, O Manar
and do not
matter if the “Twitter site” neighbor Bdn your beauty goes out of this decision
increased solution and said what I did not accept

#Light_Turner ”


– Media in the new channel: “ Pal 2006 bombardment of the enemy # Al-Manar was the flame that does not extinguish Today Twitter obscures Al-Manar and will be the tweet that will not stop…
# Aly_ma_bad_bad_toatr “


– The new media Rachel Karam: “# Al-Manar channel today closed Twitter account and it:
mesh, but the media and freedoms, as Lebanese citizens are forbidden to control us in our opinion and neither Twitter nor Twitter nor Quiter and increase if the enemy Hello!
All solidarity with Al-Manar and its workers in the hope of the account of the resistance channel to Twitter


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