Obama’s Latest Supreme Court Pick
by Jeff Davis
Barack Hussein Obama just slapped us all right in the face… again. There are all kinds of articles about the nomination of the repulsive Jewess Elena Kagan. One article notes “Introducing his Supreme Court nominee to the nation, President Barack Obama on Monday portrayed Elena Kagan as a guiding force for a fractured court and a champion of typical Americans.”
I guess Barack Obama considers a far left-wing Jew (and probable closet lesbian) as being “typical.” Considering that Barry’s parents were communists who met in a Russian language class in Hawaii in 1960 and that his early mentors included more communists, his idea of “typical” is radically different from that of White America.
Obama chose a nominee who has never been a judge, a factor the White House said had worked in Kagan’s favor, giving her a different perspective from the other justices. I suppose having no experience at all in a job can give you a different perspective from those who do have experience. Bush tried the same thing with Harriet Miers, and the left wing media never stopped screaming about her lack of qualifications.
Obama is stacking the Supreme Court with one Marxist after another to destroy what little is left of the old “normal” White America. It has long been the goal of the liberal and Jewish left in this country to strip all the last remaining vestiges of power from anyone who is White, male, Christian, conservative or sexually normal.
Just a couple more Marxist Jews will create a Supreme Court majority for gun control, Amnesty and a wide range of other leftist issues.
White people need to wake up to the fact that Jews in power are their biggest enemies. Senator Arlen Specter was recently defeated in his Senate primary race, which is a nice start. We need to make this the rule, not the exception. Every Jew in a powerful office needs to be driven out, and White people need to stand up for their interests and block any future attempted appointments of more Jews or non-White Marxists to the Supreme Court.

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