Jericho: Nazi Jewish Colonizers Attack Elderly Palestinian Shepherd

Nazi JEWISH colonizers attacked an elderly Palestinian shepherd, herding in the pastures west of Jericho city in the Northeastern occupied West Bank.

Hasan Mleihat, an activist for Bedouin rights, said three paramilitary Nazi JEWISH colonizers attacked the 70-year-old Palestinian shepherd while herding his sheep in a grazing area near his home.

Mleihat added that the Nazi JEWISH colonizers beat the elderly man up and forced him to leave the area after threatening to shoot him.

The illegal Nazi JEWISH colonizers have intensified their attacks against Palestinian shepherds in the West Bank, preventing them from using grazing lands and stealing or killing their livestock, the main sources of income for the Bedouin shepherds.

On Saturday evening, illegal Nazi JEWISH colonizers injured several Palestinians and damaged cars in the Nablus governorate in the northern part of the Nazi occupied West Bank.

Furthermore, the Nazi JEWISH colonizers cut twenty olive trees and destroyed an agricultural room near Salfit in the central West Bank.

On Friday evening, the Nazi JEWISH colonizers injured a Palestinian north of Qarawat Bani Hasan town, west of Salfit.

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