IsraHell Jew to join rebel Libyan regime


The Chairman of the US-backed National Transitional Council (NTC) and Qaddafi’s former Justice minister, Mustafa Abdul Jalil, has invited British-Israeli dual citizen Jew, Raphael Luzon to return to Benghazi and participate in the post-Qaddafi government.

Luzon told the Jerusalem Post that reconstruction of the war-torn country and the restitution of Jewish assets confiscated by the Libyan regime would top his political agenda. Oops! Here goes a big chunk of $30 billion Libyan assests frozen by Ben-Obama last month.

In 2004, Israeli Knesset member, Ephraim Sneh, had claimed that he met Qaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam in Paris and that Saif wanted to start an open dialogue with the Zionist regime.

A few months ago, Benji Netanyahu told CNN’s viewers: “Well, Gaddafi is no friend of Israel. He’s no friend of the Jewish people. And I think his people can see now, he’s no friend of the Libyan people. This is a man who helpedexplode civilian airlines in the skies. He’s fostered terrorism. He’s done a lot of terrible things. So I don’t think anybody would be sorry to see him go. I wouldn’t.” Obviously, a much bigger terrorist’s views on a small-scale terrorist!

Luzon’s family left Benghazi after the 1967 war and settled in Israel on a land stolen from Arabs. Luzon met Libyan President Qaddafi twice in 2010. In February, Luzon said that the anti-Qaddafi insurgency began when the Libyan government agreed to address some of Jewish community’s grievances.

“They agreed to give a proper burial to my family members who are buried in common graves,” Luzon said. “Also, we came closer in the direction of a settlement over a lot of money that my father left there. I proposed to organize a convention between Jews and Muslims in Tripoli, and this was personally accepted by Gaddafi. They wanted to prove they were open toward the Jews, but now who knows what will happen?”

According to Dr. Harvey Goldberg (Hebrew University, Israel), before WW II, the Libyan Jewish population was 30,000. However, as result of persecution under German and Itlaian occupation and with the creation of Israel in 1948 – 90% of Libyan Jews immigrated to Israel. The remaining Jews are usually known as ‘Tripolitans’. When Qaddafi took over power from King Idris I (died 1983) in 1969 Tripoli had been at odd with Tel Aviv which tried to assassinate him.

Dr. James B. Thring, founder Ministry of Peace & Legal Action Against War, in a letter to BBC Radio 4 (March 22, 2011), wrote:

“The first bombing raid (Libya) in 1986, we now know, was predicated on false information about so-called terrorist plots by Libya.  These were actually invented by Mossad.   Psychological Warfare Department (LAP) of Mossad was behind the defamation of Ghaddafi.  Victor Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad officer, details how Mossad tricked the ‘west’ (US, UK et al.) into bombing Libya in 1986 using  ‘Operation Trojan’, in his ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (p113-7).   Trojan was a re-broadcasting device planted in Tripoli to put out false messages as if Col. Ghaddafi was planning terrorist attacks.

An IDF ship offshore, beamed the coded messages into his HQ from which they were re-broadcast, giving the impression they were coming from Tripoli.  So when the US and UK surveillance teams picked them up they believed they were genuine Libyan plots.  Mossad was able to ‘confirm’ the reports!  The bombing raid got Thatcher and Regan to commit war crimes by killing innocent people including Ghaddafi’s adopted daughter.

Finally, Gaddafi is not the ‘dictator’ Mossad would like you to believe.  He is not even the ‘President’ having retired as ‘Leader’ in 1996 and adopted the title ‘Father of the Revolution’.  But he is so popular and revered by most of the population, that he is still given the authority to speak for his nation, just as the Queen might do if she was allowed to.”


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