Egyptian Hacker Hacks Into Naziyahu’s Website

An Egyptian hacker managed on Sunday to hack into the website of Zio-Nazi Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and placed a
picture of Egyptian soldiers raising the Egyptian flag in Sinai during the October, 6, 1973, on the sites’ homepage.
The hack came a few days after the Zio-Nazi army shot and killed five Egyptian soldiers across the border,
following the Eilat shooting. Eight Zionist soldiers were killed and 30 others were wounded when Palestinian
gunmen infiltrated into Eilat and opened fire at a military bus, and a number of vehicles.
The hacker who managed to penetrate the webpage of Netanyahu wrote “Anti Zionism”; the site was then
gradually taken offline.
The hack is seen as a symbolic message to Netanyahu regarding the ongoing Zio-Nazi military escalation, and
illegal occupation of Palestine and Arab territory.
The hacker also wrote “Egypt is the greatest civilization, established more than 7000 years ago, but the Zionist
terrorist state of IsraHell stole the Palestinian lands, and killed children”.
The hacker said, “Do you know that Zionist was established on paper in 1948! Before Egypt installed its
railways, do you know that you, and your state, are nothing, nothing, nothing”, and added, “I know you will be
angry when you see my message, but please don’t hurt yourself, we want you sound and healthy so you can
see the end of Zionism, to see how your terrorist state disappears”.
The hacker placed a picture of a Palestinian child killed in an Zio-Nazi air strike targeting Gaza, and wrote “I
advise you to stay away from Egypt; because we will make you a picture similar to the child you killed”.
The website was recovered by went online again to its original state twenty minutes after it was hacked.
Egyptian activists exchanged pictures of the webpage on Netanyahu expressing joy to see the Egyptian flag in
the middle of the page.
In related news, a number of Egyptian hackers managed to hack into the official Zionist Radio webpage to
protest the death of the five Egyptian soldiers on the hands of Zionist army.
The hackers, calling themselves Egyptian h4x0rZ, Soly, and elga7ed, also wrote on “Egypt Mother of the
World”, and “The Zionist entity must realize that we will never forget, and we never forgot that this entity is
our number one enemy”.
On Saturday at dawn, a young Egyptian man managed to climb 15 floors on a high building where Zionist
embassy is located in Cairo, and removed the Zionist flag from the embassy balcony before replacing it with
the Egyptian flag.

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