Salma Yaqoob:
*Musharraf ‘Pakistan under Musharraf supports the brutal occupation of Afghanistan by western troops. Musharraf has kidnapped hundreds of Pakistani men, and handed them over to the Americans. (13) The sooner Musharraf’s forced from power the better the chance that democracy can be given space to breathe.
* The Americans wanted her ‘BHUTTO’ to do their dirty work in Afghanistan.
Benazir Bhutto is an iconic figure in the context of being a woman who returned from exile to stand for election’ (14)
(13) See US should leave Pakistan alone by Salma Yaqoob, the Muslim News 25.01.2008.
George Galloway on:
*Musharaf : When the military staged an anti-democratic coup in Pakistan in 1999 Galloway wrote in his weekly column for the Tory newspaper The Mail on Sunday:
‘In poor third world countries like Pakistan, politics are too important to be left to petty squabbling politicians only the armed forces can really be counted on to hold such a country together general. Musharraf seems an upright sort to me and he should be given a chance, not an end in itself.’ (15)
His position on Musharraf’s coup was identical to that of the UK government. Galloway was a loyal Labour party member, sadly Galloway has been awarded a civilian honour for services to democracy in Pakistan.
(15) The Mail on Sunday 17.10.1999. Later he describes Musharraf as tyrant who is about to fall. Address to the House of Commons on 11.06.2007
On Benazir Bhutto: ‘Benazir Bhutto is yet another martyr. I have no doubt that Benezir has been murdered by the dictatorship of ‘President’ General (Retd) Parvaiz Musharraf. I was lucky enough to be Benazir’s friend. She was the bravest woman I ever met, bright, brave and beautiful. I planned to be with her on the campaign trail from January 2nd. I am broken hearted that I will never see her again.’ (16)
(16) See Galloway site Galloway did praise General ‘RETD’ Musharraf, s coup in Pakistan 1999.
On General Saddam: ‘Sir, I salute your courage, your strength your indefatigability’ Galloway flattering the mass murderer in person. (17)
He said this to a man who had ‘The Courage’ to murder hundreds of thousands of Muslims. Who had ‘The Strength’ to drain the swamps of the Marsh Arabs and shunt them into desert Shacks? Who had the ‘Indefatigability’ to gas the Kurds? Galloway described Saddam’s genocide of the Kurds as ‘a civil war’ that involved massive violence on both sides.’ This description was applied by Galloway to the 1991 uprising.
(17) See The Times of London 1.02.1994. No surprise Galloway describes himself as Stalinist (Death toll: 30 Million)

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