Iran Rejects Bahraini Allegations, Decries Manama’s Ties with ‘Israel’

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Kahtibzadeh
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Kahtibzadeh

Iran’s Foreign Ministry categorically rejected the allegations raised by Bahrain that suspected members of a terror cell it has arrested have links with Iran, also recommending that Manama fulfill its own people’s civil demands instead of establishing ties with the Zionist regime.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Saeed Khatibzadeh on Wednesday vehemently dismissed the accusations raised by the interior ministry of Bahrain that a recent confiscation of weapons and explosives has been linked to Iran.

“Such bogus claims from the Bahraini officials, made simultaneously with the Manama dialogue forum which had turned into a tribune against Iran, reveals Bahrain’s lack of understanding of regional issues,” the spokesman said.

“The government of Bahrain has preferred the relationship with the illegitimate Zionist regime to relations with its own people, and refuses to fulfill their civil demands,” Khatibzadeh added.

The spokesman reminded the Manama regime that it cannot cover up its domestic and foreign problems by leveling such baseless allegations against Iran.

His comments came after Bahrain claimed that its security forces have arrested a number of suspects, and confiscated weapons and explosives ahead of a planned attack, without saying how many people were arrested or specifying their nationalities.

The Bahraini interior ministry has described the suspects as “linked with terrorist groups in Iran”.

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