because all we talk about are the boats

My informants send me paraphrases from the Hebrew press, which I paraphrase:

The Masada units, the special anti-riot unit of the Israeli Prison Authority, were given “special permission” to operate outside the borders of Israel [wherever exactly those halcyon entities may be] and against people who are not prisoners.
Operation Sky Winds [Have they been consulting Bermudan tourist resorts for naming advice?] may start tonight. The Israeli corsairs may wish to catch the boats before they are able to assemble. They will be blocking electronic transmissions, including satellites from the live coverage and cellphones. Uncle Obama has given the go-ahead. Netanyahu thinks he has “defeated Obama” (my correspondent says this is the Ma’ariv headline) because they are going off for a nice chat in a few days.
There is also more hysteria over the Turkish component. I quote: “Alex Fishman, military commentator of “Yediot Aharonot” who is an unofficial spekesperson for the Israeli Army, says today that this is not really a continuation of the earlier  Gaza boats, this is a Turkish plot to open a regular shipping line to Gaza and deprive Israel and Egypt of the monopoly of controlling access to Gaza.”
He correctly argues that if the flotilla is let through, Israel will have to give up the siege. As he writes, “This is not about 500 wheelchirs to Gaza, this is about the effective re-establishment of Turkish Imperial Power.” [If only; Ottoman Empire was pretty pleasant as Empires go].
The boats’ passengers are apparently idealistic-but-misguided, but the boats themselves are a Turkish government plot, hence an Islamist plot, hence a terrorist plot, hence a Jihadist plot… [you can go on as you wish with the equivalencies].
When faced with Muslims, you have to pick up a gun, because they (as opposed to Zionists) only understand the language of violence. “Putting Gaza under siege might not be the best policy, but it is the policy which we decided upon and we cannot let the Turks change it for us…We have already lost the PR battle…Since the boats must be stopped anyway, the Navy should try to do is as quickly as possible, to reduce the length of the unfriendly footage.” Greta Berlin adds: “No matter the outcome, we have already won.”
Here is the Gaza Freedom March’s emergency response plan. Israel is trying to reduce the scale of the victory by controlling the outcome. Let’s win bigger.

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