Good Friday–The Passion from the book of St. Matthew

Good Friday–The Passion from the book of St. Matthew

by crescentandcross

On this solemn Good Friday, we recall the day Jesus paid the ultimate price for going up against the IDF, Knesset, Jewish Defense League and ADL of His own time. We also recall that today–as we are inundated with propaganda concerning DEM MOOZLEMS and the ‘threat’ they pose to Christians and the things held dear by them, that it remains THE JEWS who work tirelessly in defaming the holy name of Jesus and in making a mockery out of everything He was and everything He did.

We are joined by Mark Dankof and Fr. Jim Kretz as we read the Passion of St Matthew, and many thanks to both of them for taking time out to do it. 

–ed note–It has been Christian tradition that between the hours of 9 am and noon, that a period of reflectful silence is maintained in remembrance of Jesus’ passion, so TUT  will not be checking the website during that period to read/approve comments or augment any news stories.


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