Friends of Syria Declare War on Syria


Friends of Syria Declare War on Assad


by Stephen Lendman


On April 1 in Istanbul, Washington-led rogue leaders discussed ways to destabilize and topple Assad.

They recognized the violent Syrian National Council (SNC) as the “sole representative of the Syrian people.” Doing so assures continued conflict, not peaceful resolution. Killer gangs were promised generous funding. They’ve already gotten plenty, as well as weapons, munitions, and training. Now they’ll get more.

Washington and rogue NATO partners plan conflict, not peace. They want Assad replaced by someone they control. Violence rages to achieve it. Expect lots more followed by war if current efforts fail.

In Istanbul, pretense dissolved. So did Annan’s sham peace plan. Couched in diplomatic language, it was more theater than resolve to end conflict peacefully.

While calling for both sides to stop violence, it demanded Assad act first. Doing so ignored his responsibility to protect his people against Western-backed insurgents. Yet he’s blamed for doing his job.

On April 1, The New York Times headlined, “US Joins Effort to Equip and Pay Rebels in Syria,” saying:

Doing so reflects consensus that “more forceful action” is needed to halt violence. SNC leader Burhan Ghalioun called for “a stronger Free Syrian Army. All of these responsibilities should be borne by the international community.”

Hillary Clinton said Washington is “discussing with our international partners how best to expand this support.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants insurgents better armed “to defend themselves.” He barely stopped short of declaring war, adding:

If Assad doesn’t “cooperate,” the Security Council must “fulfill its responsibility and put an end to the massacre in Syria.”

Doing so today’s possible if Washington calls off its dogs. Erdogan and other rogue participants didn’t explain or their intention to oust Assad violently.

A concluding statement called for “determin(ing) a timeline.” It virtually declared war. “Working group” strategy plans how.

On April 2, The Times headlined, “Syria Dismisses Notions of Foreign Intervention,” saying:

“Syrian authorities dismissed the gathering. (The) official Al Baath newspaper declar(ed):”

“Despite all the hype, the conference of the ’Enemies of Syria’ produced only meager results, showing it was unable to shake Syrians’ rejection of foreign intervention.”

Russian Foreign Ministry deputy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

“The second session of the Group was held in Istanbul, but Russia did not take part in it. According to coming reports, unfortunately, the Istanbul meeting took place on the unilateral basis.”

“Neither representatives of the Syrian government nor influential groups of the Syrian political opposition were represented at the meeting.”

“The Group’s intentions on direct, as well as military and logistics, support for the armed opposition will, of course, run counter the peaceful settlement of the civil conflict in Syria.”

Violence continues because Washington wants it to topple Assad. Expect nothing ahead to change. The worst is yet to come. Assad will be blamed. Thousands more Syrians will likely die, despite his efforts to prevent it.

Friends of Syria 27-Item Concluding Statement

It belied what’s really going on, but couldn’t entirely conceal it. Among other comments, it “welcomed the growing interest and participation of” 83 participating countries.

Led by Washington, they represented the UN, EU, Arab League, Gulf States, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and African Union.

They “reaffirmed (their) determination to support the just cause of the Syrian people.” They committed to help and provide aid. They called the situation on the ground “grave.” They stopped short of admitting responsibility.

They blamed their crimes on Assad. Major media scoundrel headlines, of course, regurgitate their lies and deceptions.

They expressed “deep regret of the continuation of the actions of the Syrian regime,” despite accepting Annan’s plan. It reflects “the insincerity of the regime.”

Its window of opportunity to comply “is not open-ended.” A timeline will be determined. “(A)ppropriate measures” will follow otherwise. “The Group expressed full support (for) the opposition,” and advanced its agenda.

It “applauded the role of the Syrian National Council and others” working with it. “In view of the above, the Friends’ Group recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of all Syrians and the umbrella organization under which Syrian opposition groups are gathering.”

Syria’s National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC) and other nonviolent opposition groups want contentious issues resolved peacefully. They reject SNC/Free Syrian Army violence.

“The Friends’ Group strongly urged all the members of the international community to take all necessary measures to deprive the regime of the means it is using to oppress the Syrian people. In this regard, prevention of the regime’s access to arms is at the foremost.”

The Group promised more aid without explaining what kinds. It also set up a Sanctions Working Group to punish ordinary Syrians more than already. Sanctions always harm those most vulnerable.

At issue is trying to turn them against sitting governments. It rarely works. When outside forces target them politically, financially or belligerently, populations usually rally around them for help.

The longer Libya’s conflict raged, the more Gaddafi’s support grew. At the end, it was overwhelming. It’s likely as true for Assad, especially in light of his promised reforms. Libyans wanted no part of foreign intervention. Neither do Syrians.

They know what happens when Washington and rogue NATO partners show up. Conflict, mass killing, destruction, colonization, exploitation, and human misery follow. So-called Friends of Syria assure more of the same.

The Group “expressed its grave concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria.” It stopped short of naming who’s responsible.

“The Friends’ Group expressed their thanks and appreciation to Turkey for hosting the Second Conference of the Group of Friends of the Syrian People. The Group agreed to hold its next meeting in France.”

As they say, with “Friends” like these, who needs enemies. Most Syrians understand and reject them. So should everyone, as well as Washington and other rogue states supporting them.

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