Gaza Holocaust: Missiles, Shells, Kill Dozens Of Palestinians

On Sunday dawn, the Nazi army continued the firing of missiles and shells at various parts of the densely populated and devastated Gaza Strip, killing dozens of Palestinians and wounding hundreds on the 72nd day of the continued onslaught.

In Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, the army fired barrages of missiles and shells, striking homes, buildings, and streets in several parts of the governorate, leading to dozens of casualties, including fatalities.

The Khan Younis bombing was carried out by land, air, and sea and was very extensive, hitting various areas of the governorate.

Israeli war jets fired many rounds of aerial attacks, firing dozens of missiles into neighborhoods in Ma’en and Az-Zanna, in Khan Younis, in addition to artillery shells the army fired around and in Khan Younis city and the Al-Katiba area; many Israeli navy boats also fired missiles into the targeted areas.

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A tank fired a shell into the yard of Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis and struck a tent without exploding, wounding two Palestinians.

Nazi Army Kills Hundreds In Gaza, Saturday|

Also, many Palestinians were killed and injured when the army fired missiles at the Al-Hinnawi School, west of Khan Younis city, where dozens of families sheltered after fleeing their homes.

In Rafah, in southern Gaza, the army fired missiles and shells at many homes and buildings, causing dozens of casualties.

Many Palestinians were found dead, and many were rescued when the Palestinians started looking under the rubble of a home for the Abu Anza family in the Bloc O area and the Jenina neighborhood in Rafah.

In the Central Gaza Strip, at least twelve Palestinians from the Musallam and Nawajha families were killed, and dozens were injured, when the army bombarded homes in Deir Al-Balah. Many more are believed to be buried under the rubble.

In Jabalia, in northern Gaza, at least thirty-five Palestinians were killed, and more than ninety were injured when the army fired missiles at homes.

Medics and Civil Defense teams located the corpses of 24 Palestinians, evacuated about ninety injured, and are still looking under the rubble for potential survivors. Most of the casualties were seeking shelter with their relatives in a home for the Shehab family.

The Nazi army withdrew from the main market of Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza, leaving its in ruins after its massive invasion, killings and destruction in the area.

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In addition, at least eleven Palestinians were killed, and dozens were injured when Nazi shells struck a home for the Khalla family in Jabalia town. Dozens of Palestinians were also injured when an Israeli missile struck a mosque where families sheltered in Jabalia.

At least twenty-four Palestinians were killed, and dozens were injured when Nazi missile struck a home for the Shebab family in Jabalia town, while many remained under the rubble.

It is worth mentioning that the Shehab family lost at least 65 Palestinians, mainly women and children, in the first few days of the Nazi offensive on Gaza.

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Furthermore, Nazi Apache Helicopter fired missiles and hundreds of live rounds at homes and streets near the Saftawi Junction, north of Gaza City, before Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles invaded the area.

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The number of slain Palestinians in the Gaza Strip since October 7 is more than 19000 in addition to at least 52000 wounded. About %70 of the slain are children and women.

At least 8000 Palestinians, largely women and children, remain buried and missing in debris of the constant Israeli shelling and bombings across the Gaza Strip.

In the Nazi occupied West Bank, Nazi soldiers and paramilitary colonizers have killed 289 Palestinians since October 7; the Nazi army injured 3450 Palestinians, and the illegal paramilitary colonizers injured 84.

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