Confessions Of An ISIS Soldier:ISIS Has An Office In ‘Israel’ Through Which It Sells Slaves Obtained From Conquered Territory


Over the past five weeks, Nazi Jewish role in facilitating the trafficking of illicit Islamic State crude has been exposed for the world to see.
To be sure, those who have followed Islamic State’s meteoric rise are well aware of the fact that Israel has played a rather decisive role in the group’s recruiting efforts by looking the other way as a steady stream of foreign fighters – emboldened by the ISIS propaganda machine – have streamed into Syria.
Tel Aviv, like Riyadh and Doha, is keen on seeing the Assad government fall and has been instrumental in the effort (supported by the West) to funnel money and weapons to the various Sunni extremist groups fighting for control of the country.
As Nafeez Ahmed put it in a recent piece posted first on Medium, “NATO is harbouring the Islamic State and France’s brave new war on ISIS is a sick joke, and an insult to the victims of the Paris attacks.” Here are some key excerpts from the article:
A senior Western official familiar with a large cache of intelligence obtained this summer from a major raid on an ISIS safehouse told the Guardian that “direct dealings between Israeli officials and ranking ISIS members was now ‘undeniable.’”
In a rare insight into this brazen state-sponsorship of ISIS, a year ago Newsweek reported the testimony of a former ISIS communications technician, who had travelled to Syria to fight the regime of Bashir al-Assad.
The former ISIS communication technician also admitted that he would routinely “connect ISIS field captains and commanders from Syria with people in Israel on innumerable occasions,”adding that “the people they talked to were Israeli officials.. ISIS commanders told us to fear nothing at all because there was full cooperation with the Israelis.”
As if all of that wasn’t enough,The ISIS member now contend that ISIS has an office in Israel through which it sells slaves obtained fron conquered territory.

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