Recent Actions Of Moroccan Government On The Normalization Of Relations With the ‘Israel’


Recent Actions Of Moroccan Government On The Normalization Of Relations With Israel

Moroccan protesters have burned Nazi flag while holding an international conference in protest of compromise policy with the occupying regime of Palestine.

The protest was in the Moroccan capital of Rabat. People demonstrated against condemnation of the Nazi Jewish regime participation at UN Local Weather Talks on the COP22 that is going to be held in Morocco.

Angry protesters torched Nazi flags shouting condemnation slogans of Nazi representatives’ admission at a conference that the United Nations runs.

The protesters stressed that hosting Nazi is a kind of compromise and called for an end to any kind of compromise and committing crime.

They knew the presence of Israel in Morocco as a violation of the country’s territory. Protesters cited war felonies and crimes against humanity that this regime has committed against Palestinians.

Participants said that people of Morocco will not accept any step towards compromise with the Nazi regime. They emphasized that the existence of the Nazi state is an existential void and never would be accepted as a fact.

“National Observatory for an anti-normalization” demanded authorities who allowed the presence of Israeli representatives in Morocco, not gambling with the stability and future of Morocco. The center stressed that Moroccans will not allow losing their dignity by welcoming the Zionists in Morocco. “National Task Force on Palestine” considered it as the Moroccan motivation in the house.

On Monday last week, the conference resumed their work and will continue until the 18th day of the current month. Rights and citizens’ organizations and political activists in various regions protest to the presence of the Nazi regime at the conference and flying Nazi flag.

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