The MAJOR Political, Social & Constitutional Crisis America Might Be Facing



Thinking more about last week’s FBI announcement that the bureau would be further investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails – a decision that smells a little like a politically motivated maneuver to influence the election outcome – the suspicion continues to niggle that something else may be going on here.

By surprisingly re-awakening the FBI investigation into Hillary’s emails with just days to go until the election, we might tend to wonder if what we’re seeing are further seeds being planted for a bigger conspiracy, such as a potential constitutional crisis, cancellation of the election or even nullification of the result.

Given the various speculations that have been going around for months now about possible war, escalation of conflict with Russia, civil unrest in American cities, and whatever else (which also has more recently included unhelpful alt-media claims about an alien invasion), and given a lot of ‘Alt-Right’ and conspiracy theory suspicion about imminent necessitation of Martial Law or a Military State, what if the election *is* rigged for Hillary… but then Hillary ends up being prosecuted or forced out of office?

I’ll admit right up that I can’t entirely make sense of what’s going on anymore – although I did see it suggested elsewhere that the FBI announcement may be a double-bluff designed to counter the perception or idea that the election is rigged in Hillary’s favor. It could also be, much more simply, that there’s a power-struggle of sorts going on among behind-the-scenes factions and agencies regarding who they want to win the election.

But what if all our suspicions that the Establishment media and corporate interests were conspiring to install Hillary for the sake of serving Elite interests in the Oval Office were a misreading of the situation: and that the plan was actually to install Hillary only so that she can be Nixoned out of there and a suitable crisis can ensue, necessitating a radical response?

What if her unpopularity, criminal activity and possible rigged victory is all designed to bring in the crisis that would allow for the suspension of democracy and normal constitutional law? Combined, potentially, with mass unrest along existing BLM lines, but also including angry Trump supporters (including the White Power groups, including the KKK and friends) when Hillary wins what Trump has already called out as a rigged election?

For that matter, Trump recently saying that he might not accept the election result (“unless I win”) could also be a pre-scripted set-up for a manufactured crisis.


And you can add to this the renewed, and now more serious, claims about Trump being a ‘Russian agent’ – which could, at some stage, provide some pretext for removing him from the picture if he was to win the election.

That comment by Trump, by the way, about the rigged election is one of the dumbest things he’s ever said: why not just wait until election day and THEN contest the result? Why say, weeks in advance, that you may not accept the result? All that does is invalidate your protest when the time comes by making it look like you would’ve contested the result no matter what. But maybe that was the point: maybe Trump is being guided by darker agencies to make elements of his vast, zealous support-base think the election is rigged and that they don’t have to accept the result.

If the election is fixed for Hillary – or even if she wins fairly – and Hillary is then prosecuted for criminal offenses, it is of no benefit to Trump or his supporters, as only a Democrat could replace Hillary. But, if everyone believes the election is rigged, then – whether Trump concedes or not – many of his supporters might cause unrest on his behalf, which he has basically legitimized by saying the election is rigged. However much real support Trump does or doesn’t have, there is no question that a significant portion of his support base might stand by him with serious zealousness.

I’ve even seen videos online by people proclaiming that Trump ‘is the Messiah’ or that he has been ‘sent by God’ – that’s how ludicrous the entire presidential race (and those most pumped up by it) has become.

And also, what happens if Trump doesn’t concede the election to Hillary? What then?

If the result comes in as a Hillary victory, but Trump continues saying it was rigged and refuses to concede, what happens then? And will he have whipped up such fierce and widespread resistance to the election result and to the Democrats that violence could ensue?

And now, what if Trump doesn’t concede and unrest does mount, and THEN Hillary is found guilty by the FBI of criminal wrongdoing, but she HAS won the election by a considerable margin? I mean, you’d have zealous Trump Republicans still insisting the election was rigged and you’d have the election winner – i.e, the ‘president’ – being impeached for criminal wrongdoings unrelated to the ‘rigged election’, but you’d still have a political establishment insisting the election wasn’t rigged.

Or you’d have an investigation revealing that the election was rigged (the Democratic Primaries were certainly rigged, regardless of the presidential election) – which is probably unlikely, but could conceivably be part of the plan.

Then what? Run the whole election again? How? With a corporate media establishment that, by that point, will have been shown to have participated in a vast lie, and with a DNC that participated in electoral fraud against Bernie Sanders? And, for that matter, with a Republican establishment that desperately didn’t WANT Trump as their candidate in the first place?

Holy shit, by that point you’d be better off rolling in the tanks and the National Guard and declaring an indefinite State of Emergency.

But what if a state of emergency is the desired outcome? The US wouldn’t be alone: France and Turkey already have indefinite states of emergency going on; if the US was to enter into something of the sort, it would also give a green light to various other countries to consider heading in the same direction.


Probably worth noting the number of videos surfacing online, purporting to show UN military-type vehicles moving across locations in America, with an absence of official explanation for their presence. A lot of the coverage you’ll find online or on YouTube concerning this is difficult to wade through, as it is all bound up in Alt-Right or religiously-motivated conspiracy theory and conjecture. And also I don’t want to add to the already high-strung race by being too alarmist.

However, there is probably – as with last year’s Jade Helm operation – some legitimate cause for concern. I know that there has been a build-up and mass movement of military vehicles, tanks and the like from early last year, including vehicles marked with UN identifiers: and, aside from looking it up from different sources, I was also sent photos by someone who had been genuinely freaked out by what she witnessed while driving on a highway (one of the photos is below).

I’m still not sure there was a convincing explanation given last year for what Jade Helm was all about – but had such a large-scale military drill, involving heavily armed troops and armored cars also going into residential areas for simulations, occurred in some country like China or Russia, we’d no doubt be calling it a dry-run for Martial Law.


I’m refraining from going into all the wider-eyed conspiracy theories about an ‘alien invasion’, ‘Illuminati’ takeover or how Obama is going to declare a dictatorship (for one thing, I suspect Obama will want to get the fuck away from this mess as quick as possible and won’t be looking for a Third Term); but it may be worth noting something called‘National Security Directive 51’, which was put in place by the Bush administration (in reality, the Cheney/Rumsfeld administration) and which concerns ‘national continuity policy’ in light of a ‘catastrophic emergency’, which it defines as ‘any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the US population, infrastructure, environment, economy or government functions’.

The document was suggested by some, back in 2007, as ‘a blueprint for a soon-to-be-instituted dictatorship’. The fears back then were that the Bush/Neo-Con regime was going to stay in power indefinitely; but, essentially, the precedents are in place for it to happen at any time, given the right premise or conditions.

There is also a lot being asked about a recent agreement in which the US appears to have approved the use of multi-national peace-keeping forces under the UN to ‘protect civilians’, playing into some building anxiety about the possibility of UN ‘Blue Helmets’ being deployed in the US. The documentation doesn’t specifically seem to say the UN forces could be deployed in America, but here is one of the saner, more level-headed attempts I’ve come across of trying to understand that subject – I don’t agree with everything he says, but his analysis is worth a listen.

At any rate, as everyone keeps saying, this hasn’t been a ‘normal election’: and we probably should be alert for an outcome that isn’t ‘normal’ either. It may just be a question of how badly it goes.

Of course, the entire process may pass peacefully and without problem – and there might be an orderly transition of power. That might be the ‘best case scenario’ – which might be all there is to cling to in the absence of a proper ‘Good Case Scenario’, given the two candidates.

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