The U.S. secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, said its country must help strengthen security in the new Arab democracies as it did in Colombia makes “15 or 20 years” with results “obvious”.(ed notes:millions displaced,and mass crimes against humanity) At a hearing in the House on the attack of September 11 the U.S. consulate inBenghazi (Libya), Clinton put Colombia as an example to argue that it is necessary to provide funding for security assistance in countries lived revolts Arab Spring.”These terrorists, these extremists not only threaten us in the West, also threaten the stability and future of these governments. So we have to help them like we helped Colombia for years,” he said.“15 or 20 years ago, Colombia was in a very difficult state. Had an insurgency, a drug cartel that basically controlled territories. U.S. got involved, working with the Colombians, and I think the progress is obvious to all.
[ed notes:The role of united states in Colombia is to put it mildly,a gross chronology of  war crimes,genocide,plunder,and outright colonialism..    The foreign minister, who will leave in the coming weeks in charge, said that the U.S. “does the job alone, but collaborates with governments that are willing to help them acquire the ability to protect its citizens.”In the case of Libya, whose safety depended cooperation consulate suffered the attack that killed four Americans,Clinton acknowledged that the authorities “were ready, but they had lacked the ability” to protect diplomats.In addition to supporting these governments, considered, America must “do a better job of conveying an idea contrary to the narrative extremist jihadists”.”We have abdicated in the area of television broadcasting. 
We have private channels, but we are doing what we did in the Cold War to convey a message to the world,” he said.”We are abdicating on ideological grounds, and we have to return to it. We have the best value, the best narrative, which advocates a good and decent life, and we are letting the jihadist narrative fills a void. We have to come back and compete with it, “she said.
Clinton’s intervention succeeded other testimony at a Senate committee this morning, where he admitted that there were “deficiencies” in the attack on the consulate in Benghazi and took responsibility for the same[ed notes:First war criminal (zionist jew) wolfowitz suggested colombian model for afghanistan(he was architect of zionist afghan war  for israhell of course),now this whore of babylon killary wants the plan colombia model for the new puppet so called democracies in arab world”sigh” not surpised after all plan colombia was clintons project(with neocon support of course).who wouldnt wnat this model after all?

Plan Colombia’s hidden agenda – 3/3 – YouTube

[ed notes;go to my colombia section and go thru my archives..for the real horror show sponsored by united states..

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