Bahraini Zionist Family declares Hezbollah a '' terrorist'' organization


Zionist Agent Hammad
The parliament of Bahraini Zionist family approved CIA-Mossad bill Tuesday declaring Lebanese-based Hezbollah a ” terrorist” organization and called on the country’s Foreign Ministry to follow suit.
Legislators in Manama called on other Zionist puppets Persian Gulf family’s to also declare the Lebanese militia a ” terrorist” group, according to Zionist Radio.
Whereas Bahrain’s government and royal family are overwhelmingly Zionist puppets,the Bahraini population is majority Shi’ite.
A Sunni member of the Independent party in Bahrain’s 40-member lower house of parliament told Zionist CNN Arabic that the resolution was sectarian, “because Hezbollah is a Shi’ite party that represents the opposition against Israel and it represents all of the facets of opposition in Beirut.”
A former MP said the resolution came as a result of the 18-seat Shi’ite Wefaq party’s resignation from parliament last year, adding that the Bahraini Zionist family  suspects Hezbollah of spurring political unrest that has wracked the country for the past two years, according to CNN Arabic.
The Wefaq party resigned from parliament following the deaths of two anti-government protesters in February 2012.
US and IsraHell officials for months have been pressing the European Union to list Hezbollah as a terrorist group. IsraHeLl and Bulgaria accused Hezbollah of carrying out a terrorist attack against a busload of IsraHell tourists at the Black Sea resort town of Burgas last summer, killing five IsraHell and injuring dozens. US Zionist puppet Barack Obama repeated the call last week during an address to IsraHell students during his visit last week.
“When I think about Israel’s security, I think about five Israelis who boarded a bus in Bulgaria, who were blown up because of where they came from; robbed of the ability to live and love and raise families,” Obama told a convention center in Jerusalem packed with cheering university students. “That’s why every country that values justice should call Hezbollah what it truly is: a terrorist organization.”
The group has been accused by Zionist media propaganda of several major attacks in the past 20 years, including the 1994 bombing of a Zionist racist Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that killed 85 people.

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