Bahrain F.H.Rights: Russian ambassador supports the right of peoples to self-determination


During his visit to Russian Embassy in BeirutBahrain Forum for Human Rights: Russian ambassador supports the right of peoples to self-determination
“Russia support the right of self-determination of peoples call for freedom and justice,” said Alexander Zaspakn Ambassador of the Russian Federation during a meeting with a delegation from Bahrain Forum for Human Rights in the Lebanese capital of Beirut on Friday, stressing at the same time his country’s support for the national dialogue with the participation of all groups to get out of the political crisis which hits Bahrain since nearly a year and eight monthsThe ambassador added that he would convey what was discussed at this meeting, particularly with regard to the fact that the Bahraini authorities have revoked citizenships from 31 citizens, to the Russian Foreign Ministry.
For his part, Yusuf Rabia , the president of Bahrain Forum for Human Rights, illustrated that Russia is seen as positive state by people who are eager to liberty; as a result of  the balanced positions of Russian’s politics as opposed to unfair attitudes of other international powers , adding that Russia still form an important immunity for these peoples aspirant to democratic transformation, pointing out that Russian’s pro-human rights position is appreciated by people who feel sympathy with Bahraini people
Rabia also revealed that the Russian ambassador has been informed on the continuing systematic violations implemented by the Bahraini authorities toward claimants for political change and most recently revoke citizenship from 31 national by Bahraini government, posing a violation of the provisions of the national constitution, and a clear violation of international laws, as the fact that the right of citizenship is humanly guaranteed.
” Russian ambassador has also been informed on the methodology used by the Bahraini authorities to distort their fair humanitarian demands , particularly through contrived accidents used by these authorities, most recently was the series of silent explosions , stressing ,at the same time, the Bahrainis commitment to peaceful movement , and the rejection of all forms of violence”, Rabia continued
Rabia concluded by underlining that the forum will contact with the rest embassies of Security Council to know the size of violations carried out by the Bahraini authorities, in particular revoking citizenship of 31 Bahrainis; to put pressure on the Bahraini government to retreat from these decisions that lost its legality.

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