“Gibran Minister Saad President

By: Sammi Ibrahem,Sr

“Lebanese Debate” – Safaa Darwish

The resignation of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, uncoordinated with his governing partners, weighed heavily on the political scene amid suspicion of a move that appears to be internationally supported and concerns about Hariri’s desire to break the presidential settlement and abandon one of his most prominent supporters since his detention in Saudi Arabia and to date, Hezbollah.

This atmosphere is casting a shadow over the binding parliamentary consultations to be held in Baabda Palace after the President of the Republic has finished his paved contacts and his feeling that the atmosphere has become sound and stable and ready for such a constitutional step leading to the start of the formation of the government.

In this context, the information indicates that Hezbollah, resentful of the resignation of Hariri’s ill-considered, has not yet decided to name any person to be appointed prime minister, but it is heading not to name Hariri.

This trend intersects greatly with the atmosphere of the Free Patriotic Movement, which believes that the requirement not to minister FPM Minister Gibran Bassil is an attempt to break and wear all the corruption that has been rife for thirty years, which is contrary to the truth.

Sources close to the movement confirm that Bassil is not committed to the minister and has no problem in naming representatives of the powerful Lebanese bloc.

In this context, it seems that Hariri’s attempt to break Bassil will lead to a new equation of “Gibran Wazir Saad Rais – Gibran Wazir Saad Wassir Rais”, which may prolong the vacuum.

On the other hand, a telecom source notes a great satisfaction among the parties in dealing with President Michel Aoun and his keenness to get out of the current crisis with real and radical solutions that will satisfy the people and not disappoint them.

This rally, the source asserts, stems from the fact that Aoun represents the moderate oriental Christian face.

This view was born after the practices of some sectarian exclusion government and others used the street to remind him of his strength on the ground and restore scenes of banditry and the request of sisters, winking from the channel “Lebanese Forces.”

A source leading my forces, responded through the “Lebanon Debate,” saying that “aiming at the troops is only an attempt to politicize the popular movement and distracted from his basic demands.”

The source said that “the popularity of the Lebanese forces today is on the rise as a result of its reconciliation with itself,” recalling that “the observations of the reformist forces within the government would have saved Lebanon what it is going through today.”

The source stressed that “the Lebanese forces demand a government of technocrats to sponsor the early parliamentary elections translate people’s rejection of the form of the current official institutions.”

With regard to the nomination of the President-designate of the Government, the strong bloc of the Republic has not yet taken its final decision in this context, where it keeps its meetings open pending the invitation of the President of the blocks for parliamentary consultations.

According to the scene, it seems that what the future sowed through the pressure in the street has not yet reaped him to ensure the return of Hariri to the government, will his supporters return to the street or will political communications another word?

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