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  • This is the puerile level of Zionists pushing for two-state “solution”

    Posted: 06 Dec 2011

    The One Voice campaign is left to using a washed up Seinfeld character to support a Zionist state:

    Australia and Israeli share the values of embracing occupation and racism?

    Posted: 06 Dec 2011

    The American Jewish establishment cares little about Palestinians and prefers to talk about easy access to Zionist paradise. Some, like Peter Beinart, recognise the crisis and the effect of a decades-old Israeli occupation. Rather bad for the Zionist brand.

    But not to worry, Australia’s Prime Minister sails on regardless, giving the same talking points that have been re-hashed hundreds of times. Naturally, the Australian Jewish News places the “news” on its cover:

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard reaffirmed Australia’s commitment to Israel at a NAB Yachad Scholarship Fund luncheon on Friday last week.

    “A just and secure Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people is an indispensable part of a just and secure world,” she said.

    The scholarship fund was established in 2002 and award grants to Australians to undertake study in Israel in areas such as education, environment and technology.

    Gillard addressed the capacity crowd, which included Australian Jewry’s top brass, at the Maia function centre at Docklands in Melbourne and spoke of the global importance of a secure and viable Israel.

    We are two countries separated by distance, but united by values. Liberal democracies that seek freedom and peace,” Gillard said.

    With the recent Executive Council of Australian Jewry report into anti-Semitism finding an alarming spike in incidents, Gillard looked forward to a time of tolerance and peace for worldwide Jewry.

    “In the common era there has never been a century where the Jewish people have known safety. May this century be the first. May this be the time when people of good will, Israelis and Palestinians alike, sit together at a table and find a lasting peace.”

    Israeli Ambassador to Australia Yuval Rotem spoke of an Israel that transcended politics, depicting a trailblazing nation at the vanguard of technology, culture and education.

    “Today we are reminded more strongly than ever that the story of Israel is defined by much more than mere politics. Our nation is painted with stories of innovation, creativity and discovery,” Rotem said.

    Organ trafficking in the Sinai?

    Posted: 05 Dec 2011

    Talking about CSG connection to exploiters Halliburton

    Posted: 05 Dec 2011

    This is an interesting story in yesterday’s Murdoch Australian that reveals the role of multinationals such as Halliburton in Australia:

    Former coal-seam gas mechanical technician Roy Michie, who spent eight years working fracking wells across Australia, claims the industry is dominated by “cowboys” who are subject to substandard regulation.

    Mr Michie, who worked for US energy giant Halliburton’s CSG operations, said he had spent an earlier decade working for traditional mining companies and the cultures between the two activities were worlds apart.

    “From a WA underground mining perspective you knew what the rules were and weren’t, and what was supposed to happen,” Mr Michie said.

    “Oil and gas just doesn’t seem to have any rules, it just depends on who is running the show on the day as to what you will do and how you will do it.”

    Those claims are vigorously contested by the CSG industry which says it abides by rigorous protocols, with extraction approvals regularly containing hundreds of conditions and requirements to protect the environment and worker safety.

    Mr Michie’s comments come as a Senate committee last week called for a moratorium for all future CSG projects until further research was carried out into issues such as the disposal of salt by-product.

    Mr Michie, who worked for the fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, arm of Halliburton in the Cooper Basin in South Australia and the Surat Basin in Queensland, said he quit working in the sector earlier this year over concerns about poor leadership and controls.

    He said while working on CSG wells for Halliburton, which contracts to major CSG extractors, he had been unable to obtain basic information such as how close to a well head a naked flame was permitted.

    Halliburton spokeswoman Zelma Branch denied the company had weak controls or practices. “Halliburton is committed to protecting public health and the environment in all of its business activities,” Ms Branch said.

    Mr Michie said suggestions by the industry that the chemicals used in fracking were harmless were not true. “Some chemicals we use, like castor oil, are harmless but there are also some very nasty chemicals as well.”

    When “liberal” Barbra Streisand can’t get enough of the IDF

    Posted: 05 Dec 2011

    Fund-raising for an occupying army is simply business as usual in Hollywood:

    This is the puerile level of Zionists pushing for two-state “solution”

  • Australia and Israeli share the values of embracing occupation and racism?

  • Organ trafficking in the Sinai?

  • Talking about CSG connection to exploiters Halliburton

  • When “liberal” Barbra Streisand can’t get enough of the IDF

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