Zionist Supremacists Censor Major Radio Station in Ireland

The anti-democratic nature of Zionist Supremacism has been laid bare once again with the news that “Israeli complaints” have resulted in a major radio journalist in Ireland being official suspended for daring to reveal the truth about Israeli human rights abuses in Gaza.
According to a report in the Irish Central news source, Peter Kearney, presenter of the International Politics show on Dublin’s Near FM radio station, was suspended from broadcasting after a show dealing with Israel’s occupation of the Gaza Strip.
Kearney’s “sin” was that he dared interview a number of people last March about their experiences in Gaza in the aftermath of Israeli military action in 2008 and 2009.
One of his interviewees described Gaza as an “open-air prison,” a term which Kearney then repeated at the end of his show.
He also said on air that Israel did not want to share the waters off the coast of Gaza with Palestinians because of their potential gas and oil reserves.
Boaz Modai, Israel’s ambassador to Ireland, then complained to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) that the program was a “propaganda platform.”
In response to the Zionist demand for censorship, the BAI quickly ruled that the show was “not fair, objective and impartial”—simply because it dared to allow Gaza Strip residents to have their say.
After Near FM broadcast the BAI’s ruling before an episode of International Politics, Kearney said that the ‘I’ in BAI stood for Ireland and not Israel and said if he had endorsed the opinions of the interviewees he wasn’t going too far wrong.
He said: “Shock, horror, I allowed their opinions to be expressed.”
The complaint, he added, “exposed the Israelis as bullies of just about everything, small and big.”
Kearney then took to the program’s Facebook page where he claimed the BAI had supported an Israeli embassy attack on his show.
Once again, the Zionist Supremacists have used their influence to shut down a major mass media outlet which dared to expose their behavior in the Middle East.

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