Zionist propaganda: A letter from Kim to the lion!

Amid speculation about his health … a letter from Kim to the lion! And in the event of his death … 3 candidates to succeed the North Korean leader

Mystery surrounds North Korea’s health condition, Kim Jong-un, following CNN’s transmission that his health is “in grave danger” after undergoing surgery.

The Kim family ruled the country for about seven decades by inheriting the male and the 36-year-old did not appoint a successor to him, and his children are still young.

According to Bloomberg, there are three potential successors to Kim Jong Un, in North Korea’s rule.

Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Jong Eun’s sister, recently began to appear in public. She was appearing alongside Kim Jong Un on his official visits and national occasions, and she was also the first member of the royal family to visit South Korea as part of a high-level delegation participating in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The 32-year-old sister was accompanied by her brother at the summit with US President Donald Trump and Chinese Xi Jinping.

The oldest son

The male heir is the closest in a country like North Korea.

According to the report, South Korean intelligence revealed that in 2009 Kim married a former singer, and he is believed to have three children.

Children have not been mentioned in any official media, but it is believed that the older son was born in 2010, and in the event of resorting to this solution, there is likely to be a guardian of the ruling until the son reaches the age of majority.

Kim Yong Chul

The only remaining brother of the Korean leader, he does not care about politics and focuses all on arts and music.

“Ye Kim’s older brother does not have any official title, and he’s just a very talented guitarist,” said Tae Yong Ho, a former consul at the North Korean embassy in London, who split and fled to South Korea.

There is no public information available on Chol except that he studied in Switzerland and is a fan of American basketball.

The South Korean Ministry of Unification confirmed that “there are no abnormal signs in the north indicating the poor health of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un,” and said that “her neighbor celebrates birthdays and sends messages to Syria and Cuba.”

“We have not noticed any abnormal signs … We are watching the North Korean media, and we see letters between leaders, correspondence, birthdays, etc.,” the South Korean news agency, Yonhap, quoted a ministry official as saying.

The South Korean official based on the North Korean media announcement that the country is sending personal messages to many leaders of foreign countries, including Syria on Saturday, Zimbabwe on Sunday and Cuba on Monday.

The last such report was taken up by the northern media yesterday, Wednesday, and that “Kim” was sent to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to the latter’s congratulations on the occasion of the birthday of his late grandfather.

On Thursday, the official said, North Korea is conducting business as usual without any unnatural signs, amid speculation from Western media about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s health.

A CNN report raised doubts about the reality of Kim’s health condition earlier this week, alleging that the North Korean leader was “in great danger” after undergoing surgery.

“Kim was last seen on April 11 in news reports from the official northern media, which dealt with his participation on Saturday in the meeting of the ruling party’s political bureau, calling for the implementation of stricter measures to combat the Corona virus.

However, his absence from the ceremony marking the eighth anniversary of the 100th birthday of his late grandfather and founder of the Communist State, Kim Il Sung, on April 15 raised speculation about his health.

Source: Yonhap

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