Zionist Organization of America smuggled 1/3 of a ton of weapons-grade uranium to IsraHell



Introduction by Dr. Patrick Slattery
Grant F. Smith is the director of the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy in Washington. He recently wrote an article extensively detailing the spying and smuggling activities of the Zionist Organization of America — activities that were crucial to Israel getting the bomb and thus establishing hegemony over the Middle East. A sidebar to that article entitled “Smugglers and Spies” that appears at the bottom of the page linked to reveals the organizations role in stealing enough highly enriched uranium to manufacture five Hiroshima bombs. Israeli leaders including Golda Meir have never been shy in issuing nuclear blackmail threats to the rest of the world. As Grant Smith reports, not only did the ZOA avoid having to register as a foreign agent, it was given tax free 501(c)3 non-profit status. In other words, in Zionist-occupied America, if you send schoolbooks to Gaza you can land in prison, but if you give nukes to Israel you get a tax write off! -ps
From the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
“Presumably emboldened by the conventional arms smuggling success and ZOA’s overwhelming victory over FARA, smuggler David Lowenthal, ZOA Pittsburgh chapter president Zalman Shapiro, and future ZOA national president Ivan Novick incorporated the Apollo Industries-NUMEC front companies. Between 1956 and 1968, while under Shapiro’s control, nuclear fuel processor NUMEC “lost” more government-supplied weapons-grade uranium (337 kilograms, according to 2001 Department of Energy estimates) than any single facility in U.S. history. Although Shapiro and an array of sympathizers still publicly claim the bomb-grade material had vented into the surrounding environment during production, high-ranking CIA and Justice Department officials concluded the material was illegally diverted into Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons program. Shapiro was investigated as an Israeli foreign agent and alleged violator of the Atomic Energy Act, but internal presidential administration deliberations from LBJ to Jimmy Carter revealed that fear of Shapiro’s ZOA-powered political connections rendered him untouchable—even after a NUMEC employee gave the FBI credible eyewitness testimony in 1980 alleging Shapiro’s personal involvement in smuggling.”
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