Aqsa protest in Egypt harvest 200 arrests including 3 women

Demonstrators rallied in support of Al-aqsa which cried for help while thousands echoed its pleas across Egypt.






March 13,2010


Zionist Mu-Barak Police arrested approximately 200 members of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egyptian governorates during the protests, which were organized today after Friday prayers in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Protestors assembled in contempt condemning the current incidents taking place by the Zionist illegal Occupational Forces against the holy Aqsa Mosque in Palestine.

According to reports, sources relayed to “Ikhwanweb ” that the number of arrests are expected to increase in efforts to weaken the group and prevent it from participating in further protests.

A quick review reveals that the following governorates faced the sweep by police and security forces:

53 detainees from Ismailia

120 detainees from Sharqia including 3 females 
22    detainees from Alexandria

Leading members of the movement condemned the arrests describing them as a violation to human rights stressing that they were in poor taste and that the ruling regime should support the rallies and defend the Muslim’s holy shrines rather than detain those who voice their anger.

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