Web Chat with Egyptian Activist on the Ground


Khaled Saeed, a 28-year old man, refused to show ZIONIST Mu-Barak Dogs his ID in a random raid on an Internet cafe in Alexandria. In response, the police dragged him out into the street and beat him to death, in plain view of witnesses.

It turns out that Saeed had posted a video exposing Mu-Barak Dogs doling out the spoils of a drug bust. The Mu-Barak Ministry has claimed that Saeed is a drug addict, and his cause of death was choking on a joint — this despite numerous eye-witness accounts and videos of the incident.

Today at 12:30, Human Rights First is hosting a chat with Nora Younis, an award-winning activist in Egypt, to discuss this case and the broader question of government repression in Egypt. Nora was at protests following the murder and watched as Mu-Barak Dogs came down on protesters with further violence.

Join us here or on ustream at 12:30. Send us your questions on Twitter @humanrights1st #khaledsaeed.

Thursday, June 24,2010

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